William Marrion Branham was an American Christian minister that lived from 1909 to 1965, generally acknowledged as initiating the post World War II healing revival. In 1933 a supernatural light appeared and spoke to the public "as John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent with a message to forerun his second." His ministry fulfilled Malachi 4:5-6, Daniel 12:4, 9 and Revelation 10:7!

Who is William Branham?

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"God has chosen diverse and mysterious ways to reveal Himself to His servants, especially those called for dispensational purposes as was Bro. Branham's call...In short, the man we know as William Branham, was sent to demonstrate God again in the flesh."

“Before praying for a person, he would give accurate details concerning the person’s ailments, and also details of their lives - their hometown, activities, actions - even way back in their childhood. Branham never once made a mistake with the word of knowledge in all the years I was with him. That covers, in my case, thousands of instances.” 

-FF Bosworth, Author and Evangelist


"Never had we known of any preacher calling deaf mutes and blind people to pray for, and then to see those people delivered on the spot .... a ministry that was beyond any that we had before witnessed." 

"When the gift is operating Bro. Branham is the most sensitive person to the Presence and working of the Holy Spirit and to spiritual realities of any person I have ever known."

-Gordon Lindsay, Author, Founder of Christ For the Nations Institute

-TL Osborn, Evangelist, Author and Teacher

-Ern Baxter, Teacher, Evangelist and Author

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You will find many articles on the internet accusing him of various false doctrines and wild-eyed fanaticism. But the truth is that brother Branham lived a simple, humble life, not seeking fame or fortune. Those that knew him well understood that he had one desire and that was to live for the glory of Jesus Christ. His life radiated love, kindness and concern for his fellow man. 

Was William Branham a Jesus only? 

No, he was not. He did not accept a Trinity of three individual and distinct persons, but he did believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

"It's the same God moving right down through these three dispensations: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, not three different individual beings, but one being in three different manifestations."

   53-0907A - Lord, Show Us The Father And It Sufficeth Us

   William Marrion Branham

Did William Branham teach that those that didn’t follow his teachings were sons of the devil? 

No, he did not. 

He said, "Well, Brother Branham (See?)," he said, "he's against you Assemblies of God." And if a Assembly minister happens to pick up this tape, I want you to tell me when was I ever against the Assembly of God men or any other man. Why is it, when your own headquarters admit that I have sent to you three-quarters of a million of my children that I've begotten to Christ? How am I against the Assemblies of God? Why am I against the oneness? I'm not against no oneness, Assemblies of God, Church of God, or no man. I'm against every system that separates men.

   64-0823M - Questions And Answers #1

   William Marrion Branham

Was William Branham misogynistic, against women? 

Brother Branham taught that women should dress modestly, avoid the use of make-up and have long hair based upon the Scriptures. He also taught that a woman could have the gifts of the Spirit in her life and that she was the pastor of her home, leading the children. In the beginning God took Eve from Adam’s side, so she was a part of him and she was his equal. 

What is Branhamism?

Branhamism was neither founded by nor espoused by William Branham. He taught his followers to live for and glorify Jesus Christ. Some of his followers refused to go back to the Bible and teach from it and have created a denomination around his ideals, much in the same way Lutheranism, Methodism, Pentecostalism have created systems around their doctrines. There are genuine believers, that follow the teachings of brother Branham, according to the Bible and proclaim the Gospel around the world. 

What Did William Branham Teach?


"Thousands, upon thousands of people have accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have been completely transformed by the power of God in churches that are following the teachings of brother William Branham."

Jason DeMars

Missionary & Teacher

What is the Purpose of William Branham's Ministry?

A ministry bringing a message fulfilling Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7.