President Elect Trump and Evangelicals

We see that Trump came to the Presidency largely with the backing of one major group, and that is the Evangelicals. Hopefully this will be what all true Christians desire and that it will be a positive development for better with laws that make it a little harder to do wrong and a little easier to do right.

We know that they had a very positive influence on his political race, but Evangelical influence on Trump’s personal life is somewhat debatable, for while some of the leading evangelicals claim Trump has received Jesus Christ, well there is always a life that follows. I hope that is the case for Mr. Trump.

We know that one thing is certain, that Trump has promised to give the Evangelicals their voice back. :

The next president is going to be very vital … in freeing up your religion, freeing up your thoughts,” Trump said. “You really don’t have religious freedom.”

Trump said ministers, in particular, are “petrified” of talking about politics because of IRS rules barring groups like churches that receive charitable tax exemptions from engaging in political advocacy.

“We are gonna get rid of that,” Trump said,…”


From the Message we understand that the Evangelicals and Pentecostals are  getting together with Rome just as the 7th Church Age Messenger stated:

16   I predict that the two denominational groups, Pentecostal and the evangelical groups, will work together in a denomination, will unite themselves together and will become a member, all of them, of the Federation of the Council Churches, or the Council of Churches. They already belong to it, all of them. And there will come, through them, a forcing, or a boycott, that will stop everything but what belongs to that union of churches. That’s what a… The Bible said that there would be a boycott, even to such a way it would ’cause people to not buy or sell unless they had received this: the mark of the beast, which is Romanism; and the image of the beast, which is Protestantism. That the image… The beast had power, authority, to give the image life, to speak, and it did. And that’s the Confederation of Churches, when they confederate themselves together.
62-0318 – The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Donald Trump has promised to give the Evangelicals power to speak, is this a foreshadow of the Council of Churches coming into its power? We know that prophetically there is not much time left and this World Council has to start acting in power like the beast of Rome. The Messenger to the Age tells us what was the result of Constantine being the patron of the Nicolaitaines of the 3rd Church Age.

And so the terrible persecution of official Rome fell upon the true believers until Constantine arose and granted freedom of religious worship. There seems to be two reasons why this freedom was granted. In the first place various good emperors had not allowed persecution, but as they passed on, they were followed by those who killed Christians. It was so senseless that it finally came to public heed that the Christians ought to be left alone. The second and best noted reason is that Constantine had a very difficult battle ahead of him in taking over the control of the empire. One night in a dream he saw a white cross appear before him. He felt that this was an omen unto him that if the Christians prayed for a victory for him, he would win the battle. He promised freedom for them in the event that he was victorious. He was victorious and the freedom of worship was granted in the edict of Nantes 312 A.D. But this freedom from persecution and death was not as magnanimous as it first appeared. Constantine was now the patron. As a patron his interest was somewhat more than that of an observer, for he decided that the church needed his help in her affairs. He had seen them disagreeing over various matters, one of which involved Arius, Bishop of Alexander, who taught his adherents that Jesus was not truly God but a lesser being, having been created by God. The Western Church held the opposite view, believing that Jesus was the very essence of God and as they said ‘co-equal with the Father.’ With such matters, along with the intrusion of pagan ceremony into worship, the emperor called for the Nicene Council in 325 with the thought that he would bring all groups together where they could iron out their differences, and come to a common understanding, and all be one. Isn’t it peculiar that though this started with Constantine it didn’t die but is very much alive today as the “World Council of Churches”? And where he failed to truly achieve it, it will be achieved in this day through the ecumenical move.
An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages – Chapter Five – The Pergamean Church Age
Rev. William Marrion Branham


President-elect Trump has come to power because of the senseless slaughter of Christians by Muslim Extremists, He made it through an election that nobody expected him to win, and he is indebted to the Evangelicals.  Time will tell what happens!


God bless you!



7 thoughts on “President Elect Trump and Evangelicals

  • Please explain to me how we need “laws that make it a little harder to do wrong and a little easier to do right?” It is never hard for a Christian empowered by the Holy Ghost to do what is right. Peter wrote to the Elect in Babylon- Christians who were sorely oppressed by the pagan powers. His instruction to them? Obey the rulers over you; you have exceeding great and precious promises that empower you to be partakers of the DIVINE NATURE, because you have escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. So be diligent to make your calling and election sure for if you do, a door is opened unto you into the Kingdom. In no place did Peter lament that there were not “laws that make it easier to do what is right”. The bottom line; The Elect need not such laws because our focus is the development of the Divine Nature.

    The Message peoples’ rejoicing over the election of Donald Trump, and there have been some big name message ministers in this crowd,shows the carnality to throw your vote- which is your endorsement, behind an unrepentant serial adulterer/ casino magnate who is very bad tempered, unpredictable, vindictive and dangerous. He is 70 years old and had done nothing toward forwarding the “christian causes” he suddenly says he does. Yet message believers have glaumed onto him and have used Facebook to voice their “Hosannas” to their king. Like Israel of old, they desire a king to lead them, all the while claiming to be “free” because they are no longer “in the denominations.” Shame on the lot of them for not fleeing from, and using their influence to, denounce this ungodliness.

    Bro; Branham said that there were enough decent people in the world to deny Nelson Rockefeller the presidency because he had left his wife for a younger women. there are not even enough decent people in the “message of the hour” that will deny their vote and speak out against an unrepentant reprobate like President-elect Donald J. Trump. Shame on them all!!!!

  • I share your observation regarding the evangelicals and the Presdent and the mark of the beast/ I am just dismayed at the number of “believers” worldwide who have endorsed and rejoiced at the election of Trump. They do not see that this is just a woeful harbinger of ill to come. This reminds me of the scene in the 10 Commandments where Moses is eating with his family with the Token over the door/ They were solemn and sober as the Death Angel passed/

    We are living in those same exact times. Thank you for your commentary on the election. The USA and religion is headed back to Rome

  • This isn’t intended to be a commentary on who would be a ‘better’ president. Do you think Hillary is somehow better? Neither is really optional in my opinion for endorsing for their Christianity.
    The intent is to show that what’s really going on isn’t Russia, China, the Middle East, but the solidifying of the entities making up the World Council of Churches from America.
    This will be a big wake-up call for the Evangelicals as to just how influential they can be if they work together.

  • “A little harder to do wrong, and a little easier to do right” is an expression Brother Branham used usually in reference to the revivals he was holding . And that after It was over that would be the case for the people there.

  • Dear Brother Ben:

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    “Do you think Hillary is somehow better? ”

    What did I say that even remotely gave that impression? After doing my due diligence, researching the background of Trump- all that he has worked toward and stood for over the past 70 years of his life, I came to the conclusion that, given his “body of work” he was not any better than Hillary Clinton for this country. I am not a gullible pew sitter that swallows everything shoveled his way. Campaign promises don’t mean much to me. Giving my vote to Trump is giving my endorsement of him; you get everything when you endorse Trump- the three marriages, the casino magnate, the greedy real estate developer, the billionaire playboy, the guy that proudly proclaimed the he could “grab them by the pus*y,” all of that. Plus, he was espousing campaign promises for causes he never had an interest in, in all of his 70 years of life. For example, there is nothing to indicate he ever gave his money, time, energy, or influence toward the evangelical idol of pro-life causes. Yet all of a sudden he is interested? If this were a democrat, the right would be immediately calling into question his sincerity and calling him a “flip-flopper>”

    If you feel comfortable endorsing that- if your conservative views mean that much to you, then do according to your conscience; As for me, I chose not to vote for either. The GOP had 16 other men I would have gladly voted for. I may not have been too wild and in 100% agreement with all of their positions, but they were by and large decent men. I am appalled at the selective morality espoused by the likes of Dr. James Dobson who, when Bill Clinton was being felicitated by Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, went on his radio program and also in the media at large and pontificated “YOU BET CHARACTER MATTERS!” Then he turns around and soft-soaps Donald Trump’s unrepentant legacy and pleads with the people to accept him because he has “accepted a relationship with Jesus Christ (no mention of biblical repentance)” and he is now “a baby christian.”

    Judging by the widespread glee voiced by believers of this Message, the same selective morality was used. I find that shameful and in disrespect of what we claim to believe and stand for as the “Bride of Jesus Christ.”

    “This will be a big wake-up call for the Evangelicals as to just how influential they can be if they work together.”

    Work together to what end? What is it that they are trying to accomplish and why? Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world. You don’t find anywhere in the canon of Scripture where the believer is enjoined to use his time, energy, resources, etc. toward the furtherance of political goals.

    The social gospel preached by so-called “evangelicals”, the social reforms they espouse, will be the bridge that leads them back into oneness with Rome. Rome shares their views on social issues. The so-called “evangelicals” are more than happy to make common cause with Rome over this. They know her political clout, her financial means, and the fact that she has 1 billion adherents worldwide. Need I say more?

    ““A little harder to do wrong, and a little easier to do right” is an expression Brother Branham used usually in reference to the revivals he was holding . And that after It was over that would be the case for the people there.”

    Exactly right. Bro. Branham was talking about a Christian revival; not man-made political laws making it easier “to do what is right.” As usual, quotes are taken out of context for the purpose of making ones point.

    I will leave you with a quote from your Prophet on politics and a similar situation that occurred in American life. Nelson Rockefeller, the late Governor of New York, although not as an egregious example of the wanton immorality as Donald Trump, nevertheless felt the displeasure of the voters over his lifestyle choices. I will leave it to Brother Branham to explain and to draw an object lesson that is relevant for today. Supposed followers and adherents of his “Message” would do well to study and examine their conscience in light of what he shares. Thank you again for the dialogue.

    “”I think that’s why Mr. Rockefeller made a fatal mistake. He was loved by the nation, would’ve probably been our next president. But when his wife took menopause, and went in menopause, and he left her and married his secretary, you see what happened? That shows there’s some real good thinking Americans yet.
    Now, I like Mr. Goldwater, too; I like everybody. But I–I didn’t want to… Some of you–some of my brother Republicans setting out there hear me say that, I…

    Notice, but I’m not a politician; I–I want to be a Christian. See? And this is not a place for politics. See? The whole thing’s gone anyhow, that way, but this that we’re talking about is eternal. Democrat or Republican… Oh, it’s such a mess; it can never be redeemed. It’s over, so don’t argue about that. The thing to do is live for this Kingdom. “For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” Amen. That’s right. Yes, sir.
    So politics is one side of the fence, and I’m on the other. I said, “I–I voted once; that was for Christ; I’m sure to win.” That’s right. See? You got a vote coming. See? God voted for you, the devil voted against you. Now, which way you cast your vote’s where you’re coming out.”

    Sermon entitled : Conduct, Order and Doctrine, SUNDAY_ 64-0830″

  • Finally…a Godly man found within the realm of American Christendom

    “The bias should be obvious. If Trump can be Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus, why can’t Hillary? And why is Trump only comparable to someone like Kings David or Solomon, Samson or Paul, and not someone like Kings Saul or Ahaz, Balaam or Simon the Magician?

    I’ve made a comparison before between Trump and Ahaz. King Ahaz refused to ask the Lord for help just as Donald Trump has refused to ask God for forgiveness. At last year’s Family Leadership Summit, Trump was asked if he has ever asked forgiveness for his sins. “I don’t bring God into that picture,” he said.”

  • Here is a thoughtful commentary about Donald Trump and “christianity.” A denominational minister with a lot more discernment than I have found “within the ranks.” Dr. Brown reminds his readers that a close confidant of Donald Trumps is the openly gay (and proud) Republican Eric Thiel, who spoke at the RNC convention. QUESTION: How likely is Donald Trump going to be in combating the “Gay Agenda” in his administration? ANSWER: Not very likely.

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