Updated Page – The Days of the Son of Man

Days of the Son of Man

I have recently updated the post about “The Days of the Son of Man” explaining from the Bible the Son of Man ministry that was manifested in the life of Brother William Branham. It is a great tool for introducing the message to someone, it’s also very helpful as a reference so that you can explain this ministry from the Bible.

Read the updated article here.

The Days of the Son of Man

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This is what one brother wrote about it.

“I just wanted to send a personal note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your “books”, your articles and your doctrinal series on different things we’ve been taught through this end-time Message.

Your work is always clear, concise, to the point and, most importantly, generally sticks to SCRIPTURAL references, which is excellent for outreach and speaking to those that can’t (or won’t) read a Message book. They’re great tools for not only outreach but also brushing up on some of the standard doctrines, especially those where we differ (greatly or otherwise) from mainstream teaching in the denominational world.”