Updated Page on William Branham’s Doctrine of God

William Branham’s Doctrine of God

william branham's doctrine

I have recently updated the page on William Branham’s Doctrine of God. You can go to the page right here. The purpose of this page is to be able to present his doctrine of the Godhead in a basic and yet theological way to accurately represent his message to the more theologically inclined denominational Christians. You see many pages that are speaking against his doctrine of the Godhead and calling him a “modalistic monarchian,” “Jesus only,” etc. Of course, these are false assumptions made about his doctrine. He was most certainly not a Jesus only. He always denied it and explained why.

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Sometimes as message believers we can have a tendency to become fairly combative when it comes to the doctrine of the Godhead, both with each other and with Trinitarians. I don’t believe this is necessary. We can elucidate our understanding and build a bridge for them to come to the truth as well. Brother William Branham’s doctrine is meant to be proclaimed and taught in love.

In my own experience, I have dealt with Christian attorneys and leaders from various Trinitarian organizations. I was able to explain why we viewed the Trinity of three persons as belief in three gods and explained that there is one God who manifests himself as Father, Son, and Spirit. It is not three persons, but three aspects or attributes of the very same person. Just as one man is made up of body, soul, and spirit. I had never had anyone reject this simple truth when I had the opportunity to explain it to them over the phone or face to face.

Feel free to use the attached article William Branham’s Doctrine of God as an outreach tool to spread the end time message. Our purpose is to be a resource for you to refer to as you walk with the Lord. Please share this page on your social media, link back to it on your website and even print it out to share with those you are seeking to lead to the truth.