Jewish Patriarchs with Pyramid Markers

It’s odd to most Gentile Believers, but pyramids are frequently found in Israel among the old Testament Saints:

It is said that Rachel, the Wife to the patriarch Jacob, had a tomb capped with a pyramid.

The earliest testimonies speak of a monument formed by a simple pyramid, which remembered the nefes of Judaic tombs.{1}

Zechariah’s Tomb was also capped with a pyramid. {2}

Zechariah's tomb

Zechariah’s tomb {2]

Model of King David tomb has his resting place capped with a pyramid.{3}


David’s tomb capped with a pyramid

Maccabees tomb also were said to be covered with pyramids.

Described as a tall, impressive structure surrounded by columns, the mausoleum was covered with pyramid-like roofs and was said to overlook the sea. {4}

Should we really be surprised that a true prophet of God with the capstone ministry to tie all the mysteries of the Gentile Gospel back into the Word for the Jewish believers would just be following in the footsteps of saints gone on before?  Apparently not! Prophetically speaking it’s just a natural progression that fits perfectly with the biblical record.  {5]



Ben Wheeldon

Ben Wheeldon

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