Architects and Engineers Discuss the Great Pyramid of Giza

We’ve heard the Prophet of God speak about the amazing engineering feat involved in building the Great Pyramid of Giza. What do modern Engineers and Architects say? You will be sure to enjoy the video linked as it goes into many details that show this work was amazing beyond even what man is capable of building today!

114 Now, the second thing He wrote, Enoch, in the times of the pyramids, down in Egypt. I’ve been there and perhaps many men in here, and women, has been there. You notice those pyramids, we couldn’t reproduce them. They’re too great, too gigantic. They’re so geographically in the center of the earth, no matter where the sun is, there’s never a shade around them. And they got tons and tons and tons of boulders up there that they argued about that once. We used to debate it in school, how they built it. Well, the fellow, my opponent said, “They rolled it up.” 115  “Why,” I said, “that’s—that’s… Why, they couldn’t.” I know you can’t take a boxcar and unload it and set it out on the railroad track and put enough men around it to push it. It ain’t, unloaded, you can’t do it. I’ve seen it tried too many times. You can only put one line of men. The next line has to push against the next man’s back. How you going to push a—a boulder up yonder, a half a city block in the air that weigh a thousand tons. What they had then was the atomic power, just like they got now, and they built it. And that’s what they shook the world out of its orbit, cause, away from the sun, throwed it sideways, and brought the rains and—and destroyed the world by water. This time they’re going to throw the same thing right straight back into the sun and burn it up again; it’s just as perfect as it can be. 116 But notice in building the pyramid… Now, watch this. You got a dollar bill in your pocket? I—I think I got one. So if you notice on the back of your dollar bill, why have they got the pyramid says, “The Great Seal?” You ever notice it on your American dollar? Um-hum. “The Great Seal.” Notice on that pyramid also, how it starts at the bottom and keeps coming up like this, minority, minority. And did you notice, the capstone’s not even on it. Neither is the pyramid capped. Why? The Capstone was rejected, Jesus Christ, the Head of it, exactly right.
61-0210 – Abraham’s Covenant Confirmed
Rev. William Marrion Branham