The Prescription

We spend a great deal of time on reasoning, evidence and research on PTM Contender. But what does the prophet of God say the real prescription for unbelief is? Is it reasoning? Is it research? Is it explaining things in the most reasonable way? As an aside, let me say this:

I have absolutely no apology for the Message that God’s prophet William Branham preached and I love researching and finding out that a thing happened exactly as was prophesied. No article is intended as an apology or qualifier on the Message, I do not think the Message needs to be edited to fit anyone else’s INTERPRETATION of facts they have found. I have absolutely no regret or shame in standing with every single word of the Message.  I love bearing the reproach and it is an honor and privilege to do so. Jesus said blessed are you when men speak evil of you falsely (Matthew 5:11.)

But with that being said, it’s clear that the reasons and evidences we do find, most that are beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt-seem to have little effect on the people that do not believe.  Time after time these reasons and answers prove to not be the real fix for the skeptics. If TRUTH really was what diverted them, why doesn’t TRUTH bring them back.  As an example about 16-17 years ago a close relation had a list of reasons why the Message was in doubt. Literally every single one of those questions has been answered.  In finding the answers I ventured out not having any idea myself.  But when the answers came did that change their mind?  I think you know the answer is no, it did not.  They had the audacity to just get up a list of another group of questions.  At that point it became obvious these questions were and are not the REAL problem to be dealing with.  They are only a justifications to set aside the promised result of the Word that they have not experienced and no longer want to listen to. Simply put it’s unbelief.

The prophet of God says the ONLY cure for unbelief is:

We’ve got to get the right disease, and the disease that’s to be killed is sin disease, unbelief. And we’ll never get it until we get the right toxin. We’ve got to get the right toxin. And that right toxin is in the economy of God somewhere or He’d have never wrote the prescription. That’s right. It’ll never do it till we get to that spot, get to that place. Let’s search it and see where it’s at, see if there’s a prescription, see what the toxin is. Then when we find that, then we’ve got the killer. 18 Now, some people says, “Well, now, wait just a minute. You know, I just can’t keep from smoking. I—I’m a church member, but I just can’t keep from it.” “I—I go to dances and I—I just can’t keep from it.” You know what’s the matter? They haven’t took the toxin yet. They haven’t been inoculated, because this toxin was not tried in a guinea pig. God never put it in a guinea pig. He put it in Himself, and He tried it in Himself to see if it would work. 19 Now, there was a time when the toxin wasn’t too good, because it was put into sheep, and goats, and heifers, and so forth, but now it’s been proven in God Himself. He was the One Who come to took the toxin.
60-0401M – Why?
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Maybe you’ve had the right scripture prescribed incorrectly to you. Let me say this, if doing what you’ve been told doesn’t work so far, you need to re-examine the prescription.  Do you have the right prescription. It’s YOUR soul, YOU need to do the praying. Maybe a well-meaning individual, even a pastor has told you that you’ll be alright. BUT if God still has not answered back with Peace and Love in your life, that individual will not be in HELL with you if you fail to get the right prescription the Holy Ghost. They might be held responsible, but if  THEY are already saved, it’s YOUR soul that hangs in the balance friend. You must apply the right prescription to the root of unbelief. The answer is not just to say I believe the whole Message and God’s Prophet. The Prescription is to get what that Prophet Prescribed for unbelief-That is Jesus Christ in your heart.

42 Therefore, if there’s something wrong in the church today, that it’s not progressing the way it should, it’s to my opinion that we ought to go back to the Prescription, find out just exactly what’s wrong, that this church is so sick that there is disease in our church, sin disease. Then we’ve got to find out what the Doctor prescribed, and see if our druggist pastors are giving us the right Prescription. And, remember, you can add something to a real close diagnosed Scripture, and kill the patient. And maybe (I don’t say we have.), but what if some of our druggists has added something to God’s Prescription? If they have, they are killing the patient, letting them die in sin. 44 “Well, it’s,” you say, “well, if they was sincere.” No, that doesn’t excuse it.
59-0823 – Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm, Caterpillar
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Here is what I had to do. For 18 years, I was sinking in bitterness and unanswered prayer, until one day during some special services I went forward and asked the minister to pray that God would at least take the bitterness out of my heart. If I must go through this, at least take the bitterness out. That was the first personal request in that time period that God answered. I had tried before to make things right and it just didn’t seem to take exactly the way it should, but within weeks of that prayer being answered the Lord Jesus showed me exactly what needed to happen. Stepping forward in faith I was willing to face whatever the consequences would be and I did exactly what He revealed. Sometimes your pastor can’t give you the right wisdom, sometimes your parents are not going to have the right answer, sometimes only God can give you what you have need. Oh Friend when you step out on the Revelation of God’s Will and HE sets you free there is no feeling like IT. In times like that is when your faith is born. No theology can take the place of that, no well reasoned argument, no social gathering among message believers.

1) Pray: Lord please take the bitterness of my situation away, I don’t understand why I’m going through this particular situation. You drank all the bitter at calvary, If I have to go through this please at least take this from me and I will walk on in faith believing You.
2) Repent: Show me what to do Lord. Iniquity isn’t doing wrong; sometimes it’s knowing what TO do and then NOT doing it. You MUST step forward in faith.
3) Baptized: in fulfillment of Acts 2:38 If you haven’t been baptized go do it.
4) Receive the Holy Ghost: Lord fill me with your Spirit, I will serve you with my life.

102 It’s like people reading the prescription on a medicine bottle and won’t take the medicine. What good does it do to read the prescription? Well, they go away to seminaries, and learn church history, and we learn ethics of the church, and learn what the Bible says, and all the Greek words, and we can tell you what it means; but that’s just telling you what the bottle says, what the directions says. I can tell you what Peter said on the Day of Pentecost, I can tell that the promise is unto you, but you say, “I believe That.” I can believe this medicine setting here for the disease is right, but, until I take it, I got to take it! See, the—the sincerity of it doesn’t… Now you say, “I sincerely believe that. That’s true.” But you’ve got to take it. And when you take it, it shows the effects upon the patient. And when you take God’s Word, it shows genuine Holy Ghost effects, by faith, Abraham’s Seed. It does something to you. It takes a hold of you. It shakes the unbelief out of you, and sets your affections on things Above.
63-0731 – There Is Only One Way Provided By God For Anything
Rev. William Marrion Branham

You’ve got to do the praying, You MUST do the obeying, you’ve got to do the repenting, and you’ve got to be the one that receives the Holy Ghost. As long as you waver at this point, there is no reason that will satisfy you, no educational line of thought that can convert you and nobody else can do it for you. Others can share their experience of testing to encourage you that EVERY son that comes to God has to go through that testing, and that He will answer when you’ve met the requirements of His Word. But you’ve got to do the business of dealing with God for your Soul. I am convinced THIS is the REAL problem and prescription.  YOU need a conference with God my friend – He’s been waiting to hear from you.  There’s plenty of “evidence” already for you to believe.

God bless you!



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