Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Turn your eyes upon Jesus is one particularly odd criticism of the Message.   Yet,  believers are continually challenged that believing the Message is not keeping our eyes on Jesus.

If this is correct, who is the Jesus we should believe if not the one we learned of following the Message of God’s Prophet William Branham?

A Jesus that is a 2nd member of the Trinity.  He divides His power and authority with 2 other members of the Godhead. Although denominational leaders claim via the ‘mystery’ of the Trinity; that each member of the Trinity is all eternal and all powerful, the actual result is these members share these things and definitely less than All the Fullness of the Godhead being bodily expressed.

The majority reject His Name(Except for a few denominations) as being the Name that God has.  They do not take HIS name in Baptism.  Instead, they use the titles Father Son and Holy Ghost as the Name of God. Is it because they don’t want a Jesus they’ve committed their obedience too- one they are going to be married to?  They will be subject to a church membership, or a creed, but not Jesus Christ.

It seems like those that claim to be keeping their eyes on the Jesus of church creeds, actually reject HIM more effectively than the Message would be able to. Their doctrines and church creeds obliterate the very nature of Christ from their faith.  WE agree: KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS CHRIST! The Jesus Christ that is the SAME, YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER and not some Jesus that is bound by the whim of creed and denominational religious history.



4 thoughts on “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

  • I believe that God is raising up a Message apologists, who have the right spirit, and right motive and objective, to defend the Word of the hour from the assaults that are being waged against it by Bergenism, etc. God richly bless you.

  • I have always looked to Jesus , but in the early 60s in one of WMB meetings in Tulare Calif and from that time on I became more in depth and as time moved on I grew even closer to The Lord Jesus. No the end time message did not take me away from looking to Jesus but rather a much closer walk with understanding of Him (Jesus) the Word.
    I enjoy these post….God Bless

  • Bro. Rocco, The Lord has promised to raise up a standard when the darkness comes in like a flood. It’s the patience to receive the revelation of the Word. and yet faith is more excellent being able to counter every reason of man’s wisdom. All that’s really required is to simply believe. The results will come just the same!

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