Following a Man

Often times the accusation is put forward that those following the Message of the Hour are following a man.  Is this really the case?

Opening Of The Vatican Ii Council In 1962Denominations were organized by man, with ministers and theologians trained in schools built by man, with teachers teaching creeds made and debated by man, operating in positions organized by man, ordained by man; in essence following man more completely than the Message ever could or will.

In Contrast the Bible speaks of God leading His Church with apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists baptized with the Holy Spirit. God spoke to and through William Branham in accordance with HIS pattern of using a prophet (Amos 3:7,) not the pattern of man and a denominational system of religion.

Those following the Message are following God’s Biblical plan of a complete five fold ministry using Spirit filled men in positions GOD has placed them, to work within His Perfect WILL.  Those following denominational religion are following man. We’re so thankful that we don’t have to be subject to the will and whim of man.



1 thought on “Following a Man

  • When Jesus said lest you eat my flesh and drink my blood (and at that moment) did not explain why He said it, Many of His disciples left him and walked no more with Him.
    He ask the ones that stayed, Will you go also and they answered Him with these words, WHERE SHALL WE GO ?
    Now I say EXACTLY right and give this question, What is truth ? Who has it and who was vindicated ? To make a long statement short…..William Branham was the one vindicated. I was in some meetings, I know.

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