Will He Find Faith?

I was in a discussion with a brother from the Middle East.  He made a comment regarding the scripture, saying, “Why does Jesus say when the Son of man cometh, will he find faith on the earth?”  (Luke 18:8)

In light of the fact that we are living in the end time and there are two billion Christians on the earth, why does Jesus say this?  If 2/5th’s of the world’s population name themselves Christians, how can Jesus say such a thing?  That’s 40% of the world that believes in Jesus.  Was Jesus wrong about this?  Or perhaps there is another answer to that.  If Jesus was right in his prophecy, then the majority of those who name themselves Christians are not really Christians.

Paul said, “Not all Israel is Israel,” (Romans 9:6).  Not all Christians are Christians.  This does not mean we can judge an individual, but we can judge fruits and we can judge teachings of the Bible.  It is a must for us in the end time to return to the original Faith, the original teaching and preaching of the apostles.  We have to lay aside all of our traditions and come back to biblical truth.

It seems some people have departed from this belief, and they have accepted a more tolerable viewpoint about Jesus Christ.  Are we actually disciples of Jesus or are we disciples of some pastor or preacher?  Have we truly heard the voice of the Spirit in the end time calling us?   We need to really examine ourselves to see.  Are we truly in the Faith?  Is my heart fully in line with the Word of God or am I just pretending?

The brother I was speaking with also mentioned that we should remember that in the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3, Jesus was on the outside of this church, knocking on the door to get in.  This is the condition of the church in our day.  Jesus is not welcome in most of our churches; he is outside calling individuals to come to him.  Have you listened to his call? To you as an individual to come?  To belong to Him alone?

We are living in that lukewarm day where most of the church and the world thinks it is rich and in need of nothing, not even of Jesus himself.  Sure, the churches have the Bible, but they don’t really have Jesus revealing himself through the Bible.  They just have a set of documents that they filter the Word of God through.

“Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”  The implication is there will be very few who truly believe in Jesus Christ.