Plagiarism of the Seven Seals?

Those who are anti-message are claiming that brother Branham plagiarized his revelation of the seven seals from the author of Dispensational Truth, Clarence Larkin. Any student of Bible prophecy is wise to refer to the writings of Clarence Larkin. God used him in a mighty way to bring forth many truths from the prophetic Scriptures. But this charge against brother Branham of plagiarizing his revelation from Clarence Larkin is absolutely false.The seven seals of Clarence Larkin bears no resemblance to that of brother Branham. This is an outright lie based on ignorance. I will do a step by step comparison of each seal between the two of them.

William Branham

Clarence Larkin

Larkin speaks about the purpose of the sealed book and this is similar to what brother Branham taught, but not precisely the same. Larkin puts all the seals during the 70th week of Daniel and brother Branham has them spread out through the church age dispensation. Larkin gives no significance to the beasts whereas brother Branham applies them to how the Holy Spirit combatted the antichrist spirit during the time of those 4 riders. 1st seal – Larkin states it is the leader of the revived Roman Empire, Branham puts it as the antichrist spirit working through the Nicoalaitan movement in the early church. 2nd seal – Larkin says its the Antichrist making war – Branham says its the Romish Church working in tandem with the Roman Emperors to kill heretics. 3rd seal – Larkin says this speaks of a famine in the tribulation period and Branham says this is the Roman Church selling indulgences during the dark ages. 4th seal Lark says it speaks of the death and destruction during the tribulation period – Branham says it is the ecumenical spirit bringing spiritual death and persecution during the Laodicean-tribulation ages. 5th Seal – Larkin says this is Christian martyrs – Branham says these are Jewish martyrs. 6th seal is the day of the Lord for Larkin and for Branham it is the wrath of God poured out through the ministry of the two witnesses 7th seal for Larkin is the seven trumpets and for Branham is Revelation 10.

It is quite obvious the two of them had very different teachings regarding the seven seals. Any honest person would make this conclusion.



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  • Those who try to discredit Bro. Branham’s Exposition on the Seven Seals based upon the fact that he heavily drew from the writings of Clearance Larking are creating the classic straw man argument. I have seen Bro. Branham’s library in his home in Tuscon, and the man was very well read. He not only read Larkin, but he also read Arthur Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, Josephus, volumes of works on the early church pre- and post nicene council, and many many more. Even the Apostle Paul referenced ancient philosophers in the Book of Acts. the fact that Bro. Branham drew inspiration or guidance from Larkin does not stumble me because when I, or any other minister studies, he is lead to reference materials written by others that will shed light on his topic, further his understanding and provide guidance on where to proceed. Do people think Bro. Branham just sat in a chair and his sermons sovereignly dropped into his head? I’m pretty confident that he spent much time in study and in prayer- study in terms of reading the Bible and referencing anyone else the Holy Spirit guided him to. The critics are using the white glove test on Brother Branham’s life expecting it to pass- it will not as he was not perfect by any standard of measurement. He both said and did things wrong. But I do not hold this against him nor would I hold it against any other repentant sinner- for I, to am an imperfect man and a repentant sinner. The critics have used their own carnal reasoning to “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” because they have not been able to, in their own human understanding, reconcile each and every discrepancy in both word and deed in Brother Branham’s life. But at the end of the day, if you are looking for a way out, a way out will be provided.

    Excellent post, Bro. Jason.

    Rocco Rubino

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