Sermon Archives Page Added

We’ve been doing quite a number of updates to our website lately. One of them is to add a sermons archive. These are sermons preached in various churches by Brother Jason DeMars. We’re in the process of locating these sermons, downloading them and posting them here. Thus far we have posted four sermons; Holiness to the Lord, Life and Immortality, Chosen by God, and Fellowship with God through Prayer. Our desire is to be a blessing to the Bride of Christ, it is certainly not to be glorified. Rather, it is to glorify God through our Lord Jesus Christ. As time goes by we will be adding to the sermon archives.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to request that you pray for my upcoming missions trip to Turkey. I will be leaving July 7th and returning July 21st. I will be working with a new group of Iranian refugee believers that are very new to the message.