PTM Contender Printing Needs

May the Lord richly bless you all. I hope you enjoy PTM Contender and are blessed by its contents. Please let us know if there are any subjects that you would like me to write about. The PTM Contender is now being translated into Farsi and Urdu and distributed online and among the churches. There is a cost for doing this, our desire is to continue to be able to offer it to everyone for free. However, we need your support via freewill offerings. If you would like to help us I can let you know about the costs and you can be a part of getting the Scriptural teachings of the message in the hands of people all around the world.

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  • Urdu is $200 per month
  • Farsi is $250 per month
  • English is $250 per month
  • Spanish is $120 per month

We also have the opportunity to have it translated into the Arabic language. The cost would be $7 per page, so each month around $150 to translate and $100 for printing, totalling $250.

If you’d like to be involved in supporting the PTM Contender please click below to donate.

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