PTM Contender May 2017


Every month, with the Lord’s help, I write a booklet that gets printed and translated into several languages about various doctrinal and life application subjects. This gets posted online, in PDF format, but is also available for you to sign up to receive for free in your mailbox. The subjects for May 2017 are Jesus Christ is God and Election and Predestination. My prayer is that you are blessed and more established in your understanding of the revealed Word of God. I have no desire to create a following of people behind me, but rather that your personal walk with God would become stronger and your understanding would become more rooted in the Scriptures.

PTM Contender Online

In the June 2017 edition, the subjects will be “The Absolute of the Bride”, “Be Faithful to the Text”, and “Expressing Our Emotions”. I request your prayers for this project, it is translated into Farsi and Urdu as well, there have been many testimonies as a result of these booklets that are being written. It is certainly nothing to do with my ability to write or my own wisdom, but that the word of the Lord works mightily to change lives and convince the gainsayers.

A testimony from Pakistan, “Bro Shamoon, who currently is living and working in Islamabad received a Contender Booklet. He read the subject of “The Sovereignty of God” and said God opened my mind and heart to know the Truth of the hour. Therefore He is now having fellowship with our Message Church in Islamabad and has accepted this Revealed Word. He left his denomination (Salvation Army Church) and is in fellowship with the church that is following the message.”