PTM Contender for July Posted

PTM Contender and PTM Radio Posted

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

It’s been a busy season for me, well, almost every season is busy, but it’s been especially busy lately. I am very thankful it is busy with the work of the Kingdom of God. I say that humbly, knowing that it is by God’s calling and purpose that I am what I am. Whatever little thing the Lord has allotted to me for his kingdom I can say that it is not for my own sake, but for others. Ministers by definition are servants and called to lay down their lives for their brothers. By God’s

By God’s grace, the PTM Contender for July has been posted online and sent to the printer. The subjects covered in this months booklet are:

  1. Be Faithful to the Text
  2. The Absolute of the Bride
  3. Emotions vs. Logic

It is now posted online for your edification.

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In the August Contender I will be covering the subjects;

  1. What was Adam’s sin?
  2. The Virgin Birth
  3. The Significance of the Opening of the Seven Seals

To get your own copy in the mail sign up at:

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The latest PTM Radio podcast has been posted as well. The subject for this week is “We Must Experience the Supernatural” along with some updates about the upcoming missions trip and an exhortation to be purposeful with your time. Click on one of the options below to listen.

There are also many episodes from the past with testimonies from Brother Tim Pruitt, Brother Wayne Lawson, and ministers from many countries including, Iran, Pakistan, Uganda and missionaries to Turkey, Mongolia, Ethiopia, India, China, and Japan. I hope they are a blessing to you. You can see the supernatural way that God leads and deals with his children following the end time message.

If you have any requests for subjects on our PTM Radio podcast or in the PTM Contender, please make sure to email me at