Explanation and Personal Testimony of Brother Branham’s “Brown Bear” Vision (Brother Ed Byskal)

Brother William Branham had a vision where two large game animals were killed during a hunt that he took in northern British Columbia. Brother Ed Byskal explains his own personal experience regarding this prophecy and its fulfillment.



5 thoughts on “Explanation and Personal Testimony of Brother Branham’s “Brown Bear” Vision (Brother Ed Byskal)

  • I am visited&blessed by the profit of the hour(end time message)of God for this generation to restore us back to our fathers faith.

  • So I don’t get it. He said it was THUS SAITH THE LORD, and it didn’t happen. Whether he disobeyed or not has nothing to do with it. Either God spoke through him or this is a false prophesy. How else can you interpret this?

  • Hi Christian, The point is that the vision was fulfilled. William Branham did not do his part. This is similar to the situation of Jonah being told to go to Nineveh and going the opposite way only to get caught up in a horrible storm. Isaiah telling the King he was going to die and then having to go and say Thus saith the Lord, he’s not going to die. Do you accept the Bible? Tradition actually has Jonah fleeing Israel after he went to Nineveh and prophesied it’s destruction because some thought him a false prophet. The destruction apparently didn’t happen in Jonah’s lifetime. That being said, there is certainly some scriptural room for the explanation. If God allowed those instances your inference must be incorrect. You’ll determine your own belief though by what you reject and what you accept.
    I would ask you, what’s the real problem? Why are you trying to justify you doubt?

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