Answering the Cloud Controversy

One of the main issue that those who have left the message have brought up is the Cloud that appeared in 1963 and was pictured in Life Magazine. This cloud appeared February 28, 1963 and brother Branham announced that this appeared a day or two after or before he was there and then later states he was under this cloud. The doubters capture this language and seek to show that brother Branham was lying. However, you will find, his testimony is true and vindicated. This is a very long sermon, but listen to it in all and you will find it astounding, many of your questions will be answered by brother Chad Lamb, Pastor of Believers Christian Fellowship in Lima, Ohio.



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  • God bless Bro Chad for yielding to the Lord and bringing that sermon my family and I will be praying for him and his flock.

    With much love
    Jimmy Osornio and family

  • That is a very revealing message by brother Chad Lamb.

    One big mistake people always do is, they fail to wait upon the lord to reveal to them difficult questions. I believe that the Lord has many more surprises in store for critics of this message.

  • GOD bless you brother chad. There is no more time for those arguing critics. let’s continue spreading the message of the Lord to those who are ready and hungering for the message. as for critics, they have their place awaiting for them, where fire never goes off, and worms never die. God bless you my brother for the good work you are doing for the LORD.

  • Can you preach a sermon regarding the branham proposal to hope,can you also preach a sermon regarding branham stealing clarence larkins work on the church ages and the seals remember that branham stated that he received every sermon on the seals the night he preached it,I guess clarence larkin must have been the angel that visit him. Can you also preach a sermon on the municipal bridge because remember its not only to say that I believe it anyhow but the scripture says by the mouth of 2 or 3 witness let everything be established. Can you also preach something other than circumstantial on the cloud. Can you also preach why branham preached a message against all denominationscand yet this message has a fraction of every denomination,can you preach sermon on why branham twisted the scripture every chance he got,example: no women angels,the oldest book in the bible was job,enoch was 569 when god took him,and the countless lies.can you also preach a sermon why Haggin and sis shroeder prophesied branham death and that it came to pass.because your saying that that the coincidence of the cloud and life magazine so then what about the coincidence of hagins and shroeder prophesy regarding branham death,so please when you preach a defense on branham please give us a good sermon believable by explaing the rest of the. I challenge you to defend all these things mentioned with proof ofcourse and please when you defend the branham proposal please provide records.

  • You have already judged yourself according to scripture well that’s if you are actually reading the bible. And it seems your only judging because your one of the many who take means word than that of god himself. So do yourself a huge favor and get back in line with the word and not what your pastor says.

  • N0w in this last days as the Bible predicted with a warning mat.24:23-26 regfalse Christ and false prophets…
    The merciful and loving God gives a wondrous signs in the form of “MYSTERY CLOUD” fulfilling mat.24:30a and I quote’ And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: as what mat. 24:27 predicted >for the calling and gathering of the bride of Christ in this last days mat.24:28.
    I praise and thank God for this wonderful event.

  • God Bless you brother. “Door To The Heart”60-0312 before God can ever take his Church into the rapture it has to go through the hall of critics, the world to critize it make fun of it call it names.

  • I’m so glad to be able to go through it! What a privilege that God has chosen us my brother!

  • Most of paganism is simply a copycat of the original faith of the Lord God before the Tower of Babel was built. But i am certainly glad that the Children of Israel had a genuine “cloud by day” they were led by through the wilderness else they would’ve certainly turned back to real paganism and the leeks and garlic of Egypt. i hope that is not the result of what you mean by preaching the Gospel of Salvation. going back to the denominational system that claims to follow Jesus but does not even require the new birth for church membership. Love you friend.

  • Yes, we read the bible and teach from the bible daily. It is our life. There can be no teaching and there is no absolute besides the bible.

  • You mean the prophesy that Hagin and Schroeder are running from in this series of letters. They had no such prophesy.
    Bro. Branham does not copy Larkin, some things are similar, but some things are quite different, especially the seven seals. Why are you just repeating what other people have said without doing your own research.
    You are criticizing people for taking someone’s word for it when you are doing the same yourself. That’s called hypocrisy.

  • The only problem I have with this is… In Bro. Branhams first telling of the vision he never said Anything about 7 angels only 5 it wasn’t until the next re- telling did he mention 7. In this video two of Bro. Branhams quotes are pieced together to make it sound as if he never mentions the numer 5 the quotes were from two different services. Also please explain the story about the man from Windsor… Was he forgiven that night or did he die a horrible death later in years or was he paralyzed which of these is the truth. I look forward to a reply. I do want to say this i am not against the Message but I am curious about a few things and really want Answers

  • Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6.
    Pray about these things. I believe with careful study of the things brother Branham said and similar biblical paradoxes the answer to these things can become clear.

  • God bless you my brothers.
    Its quite stricking how the message of the hour is hissed upon by the dathans and korahs of today. Bro. Braham taught us in the message ” The Unveiling of God” that some things are mentioned in certain ways to throw off non seed or unbelievers, he also taught in ” Christ is the Mystery of God revealed” that rebirth is a personal revelation of Jesus Christ. We know that the pharasees were children of God as they held on to the teachings of the scrolls, but when the manifestation of those scriptures was presented before them in the form of God in flesh, they rejected and questioned Him. That in itself made them sinners. Let us remember that the followers of the Lord 2000 yrs ago did not bother with answering critic’s views on the ministry of the Lord Jesus. They walked with Him and did as God commanded, and that is they BELIEVED. Indeed the Bride is to be dragged through the hall of critisism before she leaves the world. It is manifestation time brothers, let us not be distracted by the pharasees and strive to be dressed by the Babtism of the Holy Ghost in preparation for the changing of the body. God bless you sirs.

  • The Holy Ghost that led Israel is NOT a natural cloud neither can he be photographed but is seen by FAITH. JESUS promised the disciples the Holy Ghost not bright Picture which does not give LIGHT. God does not use the sun, moon, stars, clouds or any living creature to show HIS presence. HIS kingdom does not come by observation its WITHIN us by faith. The cloud and pillar of fire that led Israel were shadows of things to come and the body is CHRIST, the Holy Spirit not that revered IDOL in the message. You are not being criticised but being CORRECTED.

  • You said, Branham taught that some things are mentioned in a certain way to throw of non-seed” but Jesus said,” I will nolonger teach you in proverbs but PLAINLY” and let every seed produce of its kind, those who want to be filthy let them be so… There is nothing hidden for Christ has opened the seals. What a vain attempt to brainwash people! Until you pull down the idol called branham from your teachings you have NOTHING to teach the body of Christ. Instead of rushing to have your body changed ENDURE to the END not to the end time message.

  • If Kenneth Hagin did prophesy about brother Branham and that his doctrine was false, it must of been a DEMON anointing him. Brother Branham teaches us that Satan cannot kill you unless God is done. Knowing brother Branham would go in December, Satan’s demons must have anointed Kenneth having to PROPHELIE and then Satan would uses that PROPHE(LIE) as a means to say brother Branham’s doctrine was false.

    Satan had a joyous time knowing brother Branham was off the scene, so by killing the Influence of the Message (Pure Word) he would make people powerless, formal and live a loose life!!! Thank God this Message was for the predestinated seed who want to let God live His Word through the, not some wanna be Christian who lives loose!

    These people who left the Message just to mock the prophet, the Word and the followers are demon possessed.

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