Transcript of the King of England Meeting with President Roosevelt Prior to the Beginning of WW2

Did FDR really help lead the entire World into war as Bro. Branham prophesied?

Now, she’s gone. Write it in your Bible; see if it’s right. 1933, one morning going to the Baptist tabernacle, I went into a trance, saw a vision. I saw President Roosevelt was going to help lead the world to a world war, told it that morning.”   ~Rev. Branham Jehovah Jireh 1961

Before World War 2 had begun the King of England records the details of a visit with the President of the United States at the presidents Hyde Park residence to request support if Hitler should invade. It’s apparent from the following transcript that the President was already planning on how the United States could be involved via Defense, Trade, and Financial aid to other countries. Prior to the Wars commencement.

King George VI and President Roosevelt

King George VI and President Roosevelt

Following is the transcript available off the official website of the FDR presidential library.
Or click this link to view.  Royal King Notes Transcript

Transcript: King George VI’s handwritten notes for a memorandum on
his conversations with President Roosevelt on June10 and 11, 1939


“I had two good conversations with the President, besides many opportunities of informal talks on current matters in the car driving with him. He was very frank and friendly, & seemed genuinely glad that I had been able to pay him this visit. He gave me all the information in these notes either in answer to my questions, or he volunteered it.
Mr. Mackenzie King was present at the first conversation at Hyde Park. We talked of the firm & trusted friendship between Canada & the USA. FDR mentioned that he thought it was a waste of money to build a Canadian fleet as he had already laid his plans for the defense of the Pacific Coast of Canada, especially Vancouver Island (Assembling plants for aeroplanes in Canada). On mentioning the Neutrality Act the President gave us hopes that something could be done to make it less difficult for the USA to help us. Cordell lead public opinion on to the right tack. He gave us the following story to illustrate how he was tackling the subject in the Middle West & putting it in a way which they as farmers would understand.

“In the event of a war & say Germany & Italy were to win it, which means that the British Fleet & the French Army had been defeated, which at the moment are our first line of defense, how would you like to lose one of your best customers the United Kingdom? Then again Hitler could say to our great neighbors to the south of Argentine & Brazil ‘You cannot sell your beef or your coffee in Europe except through me & Germany. I am the Master of Europe & in return I will send you the article I think you will require in return at my price.'”

I was alone with him for the 2nd conversation. We discussed Europe in a general way. He hoped France & Italy would try & get together. He was doing his best to get New York to loan money to Roumania. I told him how difficult it was for us
to help the Balkans as there was the Mediterranean to convoy things through, & they would want all they had got in a war. I explained to him Roumania’s position as to frontiers having 4 to cope with.

Because of the air we were only just becoming frontier-conscious ourselves. In the whole of N. America he has none. He was definitely anti Russian. I told him so were we but if we could not have an understanding with her, Germany probably would make one.

He showed me his naval patrols in greater detail about which he is terribly keen. If he saw a U-boat he would sink her at once & wait for the consequences.
If London was bombed USA would come in. Offensive air warfare was better than defensive & he hoped we should do the same on Berlin.”

It’s pretty clear that the King of England felt that President Roosevelt was an active force in leading the entire world into war — before that War had even begun.




5 thoughts on “Transcript of the King of England Meeting with President Roosevelt Prior to the Beginning of WW2

  • At a time when prophesies of Brother Branham are put to scrutiny and questioned.

    This transcript is a vindication that the prophet is right.

  • Before you go into bible teaching try going to us history. History is clear that Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor dragged the U.S. into the war. And why didn’t branham prophesy Pearl Harbor. Clearly a false prophet

  • David, that’s an interesting point. But rather lacking in context.

    The Kings transcript simply displays how blatantly FDR was opposing the neutral non intervention stance of the United State.
    Prior to Pearl Harbor FDR had been laying the groundwork for a United Nations uniting against Hitlerism since earlier in the year when The Atlantic Treaty was signed with Great Britain. A lot of opposing nations took sides as alliances that were affected by that treaty became apparent

    One month after Pearl Harbor the United Nations was formed. Only FDR president of the United States was in an position to bring about that kind of unity- to say otherwise is just a denial of History. HOW DID THE SKEPTICS MISS SOMETHING SO OBVIOUS??

  • Bro, Branham’s COMMISSION was NOT to prophecy wars, destruction, doom etc. but to give out a MESSAGE of grace to the predestinated bride of Christ only! Any other thing he said, did, or prophecied was just by-the-way. Remember he was human like you and me while living this normal life on earth, BUT it had to be GOD in him when he pronounced “THUS SAYS THE LORD”. Our Prophet lived a sweet humble life, and no matter how much you want to negate him, he remains a FIRST-FRUIT to the bride of Christ and a PROPHET to the gentile world. Believe him and his message, you earn yourself ETERNAL LIFE, it’s as simple as that.

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