Did FDR lead the United States into WW2?

British Military Historian Major General J.F.C. Fuller

Military Historian J.F.C. Fuller says as much in A Military History of the Western World: VOL III.
President Roosevelt “left no stone unturned to provoke Hitler to declare war on the very people to whom he so ardently promised peace. He provided Great Britain with American destroyers, he landed American troops in Iceland, and he set out to patrol the Atlantic seaways in order to safeguard British convoys; all of which were acts of war … In spite of his manifold enunciation’s to keep the United States out of the war, he was bent on provoking some incident which would bring them into it.” 

William Branham received 7 specific visions from the Lord about World events one of them includes the statement:

1933, one morning going to the Baptist tabernacle, I went into a trance, saw a vision. I saw President Roosevelt was going to help lead the world to a world war, told it that morning. They was going to lock me up for it. And I said, “They’ll go to war with Germany.”~Jehovah Jireh 1961



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