43 Percent of WW 2 American Soldiers Buried in Europe are Buried Along the Maginot and Siegfried Line

American Cemetery of ArdennesReverend Branham relates this vision regarding the difficult conflict the Americans would face at the Siegfried and Maginot Lines..

The fourth, I said, “Our war will be with Germany, and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there, and the Americans will take a horrible beating.” Almighty God knows that Who I stand before now; I seen those independent Nazis kicking the Americans like that and things at that wall. And there’s many boys standing here now that was at that Siegfried Line that knows what it was.  ~Rev. Branham  The Seventieth Week of Daniel 1961

43% of American Soldiers that died in Europe are buried in Cemeteries along the Siegfried and Maginot line. Cemeteries marked with an SF are along the Siegfried and Maginot lines.

  1. The  American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France… A total of 2289
  2. SF-The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium… A total of 5329
  3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France… A total of 4410
  4. Brookwood, England – American Cemetery… A total of 468
  5. Cambridge, England… A total of 3812
  6. Epinal, France – American Cemetery… A total of 5525
  7. Flanders Field, Belgium… A total of 368
  8. Florence, Italy… A total of 4402
  9. SF-Henri-Chapelle, Belgium… A total of 7992
  10. SF-Lorraine , France… A total of 10,489
  11. SF-Luxembourg, Luxembourg… A total of 5076
  12. SF-Meuse-Argonne… A total of 14246
  13. Netherlands, Netherlands… A total of 8301
  14. Normandy, France… A total of 9387
  15. Oise-Aisne, France… A total of 6012
  16. Rhone, France… A total of 861
  17. Sicily, Italy… A total of 7861
  18. Somme, France… A total of 1844
  19. St. Mihiel, France… A total of 4153
  20. Suresnes, France… A total of 1541[1]

Total: 99,866

*43,132 buried next to Siegfried and Maginot line.

This number is very conservative as there were an additional 50-60,000 soldiers that were never accounted for.   In a previous article based on battle casualties rather than cemeteries the number of deaths was as high as 100,000 in this area.   This translates into 20-25% of all America’s WW2 losses occurring along this line of concrete fortifications between Belgium, France, and Germany.


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