Pictures of the Houston Coliseum where the Pillar of Fire was Photographed over William Branham

Wouldn’t it be something if there were other pictures from the Houston Coliseum when the Pillar of Fire picture was taken in 1950? Well we’re glad to bring you some more!


This photograph of Dr. Best also shows the area behind where William Branham was standing at the time of the photograph.

These pictures show the surrounding auditorium with 8000 people.

The Surrounding Auditorium. The pulpit is in the lower right hand corner.

Dr. Best confronting Rev. Bosworth

Rev. Best confronting Dr. Bosworth

For a more complete review of the event please download the following file.

6 thoughts on “Pictures of the Houston Coliseum where the Pillar of Fire was Photographed over William Branham

  • God bless you brother Wheeldon.

    How kind of you to share those memorable pictures with us.

    I believe God was declaring bro Branham as His vindicated mouthpiece.

  • Shalom,

    I think its clear from those photos that the light on Brother Branham was not one of the headlights in the coliseum.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    Br. Benson

  • Lord bless you brother! Yes, it’s odd that folks claiming to present the truth would go for such unsubstantiated claims in the face of the facts of the event.
    1) Photo was taken by 3 critics. -How did they miss the spotlight?
    2) Investigated by the leading forensics specialist..-How did he miss the spotlight? The claim demeans the intelligence of these individuals to the point of incompetence.
    3) Surrounding photographs showing even up and behind where the picture was taken.. no light to be seen.

    Brother the claims being presented are unbelievable and require one to have more faith in amateur interpretations of the modern critic than to believe the testimony of the people that were actually EYEWITNESSES of the event.

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