Pillar of Fire Photograph Part 2

photo examined by george lacy“Here’s George J. Lacy the head of the FBI. There’s his signed signature that It was a supernatural Being there…” 53-0507


George J. Lacy, 5th President of the ASQDE

George J. Lacy was the 5th President of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.


Since the letter attending the photograph of Brother William Branham, that was written by Mr. Lacy does not say this above quote, people charge bro. Branham with being a liar. I want to offer the biblical precedent to this approach. He tells another testimony regarding this in a private meeting with Mr. Lacy.

« E-42 † And then quickly, they referred to it, and went down there, and they sent it away at eleven o’clock that night to Washington, DC, and copyrighted it. Then it was sent back to Houston. And it was given into the hands of George J. Lacy, the best examiner in the United States, ex-FBI. And he kept it, said, “Now…” a very hard-boiled. He kept it and said, “Now, wait a minute,” said, “I will look it over,” and so forth like that. And–and he took it into the Shell Building for examination, which was… Shell Building for examination and document. He just come from California on a half a million dollar case, and they brought him over there. He kept the picture for two days; then he sent word, said, “We’ll give the reading on it, and let you know about it on two o’clock, on the following afternoon, on the third day. Big bunch of photographers, and so forth, gathered in. Many of the people around the city, like the writer for the “Colliers” and “Times,” they gathered in.
« E-43 † And when he come out, he’s kind of a red headed fellow, very hard-boiled. He walked out sarcastic; I looked at him, and looked like his face had tendered up. He said, “Whose name’s Reverend Branham?”
And I said, “Mine, sir.”
He said, “Stand up on your feet.” And I stood up. He said, “Reverend Branham, one of these days, you’re going to pass off of life’s scenes like all mortals do.”
I said, “I’m aware of that, sir.”
He said, “But as long as there’s a Christian civilization, your picture shall never die.” He said, “It’s the first time in all the world’s history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed. But I put it through every test that can be thought, and,” said, “It was a supernatural Being that’s been shot.” He said, “For myself, I have said and heard of your meetings, and read it in the magazines, and I heard about that Angel, and so forth. I said within myself, even to the time that I received the negative, ‘It’s psychology.'” He said, “But Brother Branham, the mechanical eye of that camera will not take psychology.” Said, “The Light struck the negative.”

We see clearly in this quote from 1951 that Brother Branham is referring to a press conference type of meeting that took place at the Shell Building in Houston, Texas. When we hear Brother Branham speaking of this letter it begins to sound like he is saying the letter says it. He always accompanied the letter with the photograph. It is clear he is not trying to say that the letter says it, but rather, here is the letter and George Lacy testified that he believed it was a supernatural being. He was blending two testimonies together into one. George Lacy signed it wasn’t fraud and he told Brother Branham and others face to face he believed it was a supernatural being.

The writers of the bible did this same thing. They called Cyrus the Persian (Ezra 1:1, Daniel 10:1), but he was a Mede, not a Persian. The Medes (mod according to Farsi) took over Persia (Pars). “So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian.”

The Grecian empire was ruled by a Macedonian, not a Greek. (Daniel 8:21, 10:20)
“The ancient Macedonians regarded the ancient Greeks as neighbors, not as kinsmen. The Greeks treated the Macedonians as foreigners (“barbarians”) whose native language was Macedonian, not Greek.” From historyofmacedonia.org

If we want to find fault and criticize then we can find thousands of reasons to do so. This is the case whether we are criticizing William Branham, our pastor, our family members or Jesus Christ. We can judge according to man’s judgment or the word of God. According to the logic of the skeptics, Daniel and Ezra are liars. Blending two testimonies, as bro. Branham did, and two races, as Daniel and Ezra do, is a normal incident for the Bible. There are other examples of this in the Bible, can any one bring additional examples of this biblical approach?



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  • Thanks for bringing this up bro Jason, God bless you.

    Talk about time tested memorial, this is it.

  • I thank God for the “Pillar of Fire” seen at bro. Branham 1950 photo examined by FBI Lacy.
    This serves as a vindication that anyone who had seen this picture received mercy from the LORD when they believed, that WMB is truly a prophet /measenger of GOD in this last age (laodicea)

  • So you are comparing God’s Word with that of a man. Lacy was never FBI , and he never said anything about it being supernatural. Period.

  • Hi Peter, that statement is one-sided at best and false at worst. You do not know that he “never said anything about..” anything. You would never have heard of George J. Lacy except he signed a statement regarding the streak of light over William Branham’s head.
    In regards to Mr. Lacy’s association with the FBI please consider http://contendingforthemessage.com/2015/03/13/george-j-lacy/

    Are you implying that the 3 critics that were responsible for taking the picture. (Best, Ayers, Kipperman) did a 180 on being determined against divine healing to becoming copyright owners of a picture of the very person they were going to run out of the city- that narrative is pretty far out. A conspiracy that includes 3 critics, the president of the ASQDE and crowd of 8000 people..Not bad though it’s right up there with FDR not leading the world into war war against hitlerism.. (see the declaration of the United Nations on that one) yes that is what the modern institution of the UN is founded on-fighting Hitler in WW2.

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