George J. Lacy

George J. Lacy…And they called in George J. Lacy. He’s the head of the FBI in fingerprint and documents, the best there is in the world, the best in the United States. So being American, we say he was the best in the world to us. ~Testimony 53-1129

The connection between the FBI and George J. Lacy seems to be a question in regards to Bro. Branham’s statement that George J. Lacy was head of Fingerprints and Documents for the FBI. Yet when reviewing the circumstantial context a solid case can be made that Mr. Lacy, President of the American Society for Questioned Documents Examiners (ASQDE,) worked closely with the FBI. Mr. Lacy’s accomplishments include establishing the Houston Police Crime Laboratory and maintaining a private crime lab.  The short bio on the American Society for Questioned Documents Examiners page says as much.



He was responsible for establishing the Houston Police Crime Laboratory.  Mr. Lacy maintained a private practice in Houston, Texas for many years.

So what is the connection between Mr. Lacy and the FBI?  Mr. Lacy worked  on cases closely linked to the FBI. One of the most famous George J. Lacy worked on was the Bonnie and Clyde investigation. Bonnie and Clyde were on the FBI’s most wanted up until they were killed in an ambush by a combination of Texas Ranger and law enforcement personnel. George J. Lacy also arrested Charles Ponzi for which the famous Ponzi scheme is named for.

FBI’s Use of Private Contractors
In the beginning under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI used private contractors to research the forensics of a crime scene.

By 1930, the Bureau began using outside experts hired for such work on a case-by-case basis. That same year the Bureau began a criminology library for the use of its agents and support personnel,7 and it took over the collection and publication of uniform crime statistics from the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In its new agent training program, the Bureau included expert lecturers on subjects like the use of the comparison of handwritings, the comparison of typewritings, the taking of fingerprints, the classification of fingerprints, moulage, ballistics and similar technical criminological subjects.8


ASQDE Connection With the FBI.

The first case that brought Hoovers’ philosophy of scientific crime scene investigation to the forefront was that of Charles Lindbergh who’s son was kidnapped. In the Lindbergh trial 8 ASQDE experts testified.

In April of 2000 the FBI was revising guidelines for how to handle and examine Questioned Documents. Those guidelines were confirmed by the ASQDE.

Apparently the connection of ASQDE with the FBI has been long and mutually respectful.

Fingerprints and Documents

In Establishing the Houston Police Crime Lab, Mr. Lacy would’ve also been responsible for setting up the policies for dealing with fingerprints.  While more research can be done in this area. Latent fingerprint analysis of a documents is part of the process off examining documents.


George J. Lacy was a leading forensic expert, president of the ASQDE and responsible for establishing the Houston Crime Lab.  He was the head of his field.
George J. Lacy was completely qualified to make the signed opinion statement that accompanies the picture of the Pillar of Fire over Bro. Branham’s head. We believe it’s relegated to splitting hairs to interpret Bro. Branham’s terminology about George J. Lacy as somehow misleading. While Mr. Lacy may not have been directly employed by the FBI it’s clear the FBI used his organizations skills, that he worked with the FBI on important cases, and that that FBI considered the ASDQE an authority for dealing with Questioned Documents.

Perhaps Mr. Lacy’s respect for Bro. Branham after the investigation of the photograph was shown in that he wrote up the report that accompanies the picture taken at the Houston Coliseum.  William Branham tells it in these words.

 So then they asked me if I’d draw up a plan with them. The lawyers was there, and everything. The studio had the lawyers. And I said, “I will sign no papers. But Mr. Kipperman and you, if you wish to sell it, make it enough so every person (poor people) can get it.” But I said, “look, another thing I will require for the sacredness of the picture, that Mr. Lacy, that you’ll sign a document, so that the critics will be shut up when they look at it.” I said, “and sign a document. And I will ask you, Mr. Kipperman, and you (in the agreement), that you’re privileged to sell it. I will sign no papers, but you’re privileged to sell it, low priced so the people can get a hold of it, and that no picture can go without a writing signed statement from Mr. Lacy, here, who’s our best in America.” So I’d think it was the best in the world.
And he said, “I will do that.”
And he wrote up a–a thing, what he’d done, and went to the auditorium, he searched to see if it was a double exposure, and there just above the head, where it was settling down, was the big Pillar of Fire a whirling around, and around, and around. ~The Angel of the Lord 51-0718 



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  • The naysayers might as well go to hell; that’s where blasphemers of the Holy Ghost are headed anyway, unless God grants repentance. But since He let Sister Meda pay a price for just getting a little upset about Br. Branham, what hope do these satan spawn have of escaping the fire prepared for satan and his angels? What a blessing to be brought to the culmination knowledge of God’s eternal mind, and gladly submit to the TRUTH!!!

  • You guys are unbelievable, to the point were I’m so disgusted with your hard attempts to try to brain wash people with your lies and deciet. And you still have yet to answer my question regarding Clarence Larkin, was he branhams angel in that room that told him what to preach regarding the seals. And how about the marriage proposal to hope. Why don’t you guys put some real effort and investigate that and come up with some real answers not some vain attempt to brainwash people with your stupid rediculous non factual statements.

  • Oh and how about that rediculous statement George smith made regarding the cloud, that branham went back in time, oh my goodness how ridiculous is that? You must understand one thing, not all people are so blind and ignorant to sit there and believe branham was a true prophet. At one time I was deceived but thank God that o could see right thru your money making scheme. Branham lied so much it’s no wonder you guys have fallen so low as to continue to try to spread this lies that have a pots of hell origin. Repent of all your lies and deciet the the lord may have mercy on you cult members.

  • Oh and you forgot to mention tha branham himself made the statement that Lacy worked for the FBI not as you stated that he worked closely Call George J. Lacy. You’ve heard of him. He’s one of the Edgar Hoover outfits, one of the best there is in the United States. This hall then goes to the… This picture goes to the Religious Hall of Art. For the first time in all the

    50-0820E – “Believe Ye That I Am Able To Do This?”

  • How’s that? Bunch of liars he’s one hoovers outfits. Sounds like some lies to me boys. Next time try something more convincing. Please.

  • People that come on this pathological lying website WAKE UP and smell the coffee, these guys are lying, go to a message church anywhere see if you don’t find the most unteachable people in religion, see if these people have left the word for branham much faulted message. Many aspects of this message are either lies or twisted scripture. These people have answered me many question that they know they have no answer for. Example: branham told everyone that the angel personally revealed the seven seals to him when in fact Clarence Larkin wrote the seals and branham copied. But you won’t see these guys contending or defending that huh boys????? No guts no glory boys. Stop lying to people, we’ve had enough of your lifting up of lying mistake prone false prophet!!!!! :))

  • Hi David,
    Your comment is already explained above. it sounds like you’ve believed quite a few misconceptions of how the FBI works. That private contractors were used for a broad spectrum of scientific investigations. Crime scene investigator T.V. series are modeled after Crime labs like George J. Lacy started.
    The Movie “J. Edgar Hoover” introduces some of these ideas as well regarding private specialists. I’m sorry that you’ve operated under these misconceptions and have turned down a man that had no motive whatsoever to lie, and you’ve chosen to believe how the ways the critics choose to misrepresent him.

  • Hi David,
    The seals are not part of this discussion. But Clarence Larkin had a small portion of some of the seals correct. I’m surprised the critics even think they’re that similar after all the nitpicking of different versions of visions being called contradictory.. That being said some portions of what Clarence Larkin thought, were also included in the Seven Seals. But there are still many differences that have little to do with Larkin. ie. The position the seals being placed in the tribulation was incorrect.
    I see you’re misrepresenting Larkin as having spoken to William Branham. Do you feel it’s necessary to continually misrepresent something so that you can then declare that misrepresentation false.
    I’m sorry you’ve believed a lie or have this misconception. I hope you will become honest once again with yourself. Shalom.

  • Bro. Smith is a fine christian minister. But we’re not defending his interpretation. He was mistaken on the bridge when he agreed with the engineering report and 2 witnesses that claimed no one died. Subsequently BOTH the engineering report and witnesses were proven wrong by the skeptics own research.. While this did not “prove” the vision. These facts proved the engineering report wrong and the 2 witnesses to have been mistaken, at best.
    Then the Attorney son of Richard Vissing-former mayor of Jeffersonville submitted his testimony he was given by 2 ladies that saw scaffolding fall that resulted in the deaths of many. Again this simply shows how easily the shallow arguments based on factual ignorance are discredited. You cannot possibly reconstruct the events better 90 yrs after the fact than the actual eye witnesses. So far you’ve misrepresented grossly nearly every point you’ve brought… rather ironic considering you’re the one claiming to straiten out something twisted.

  • Just forget all this nonsense about Branham, salvation is in the name of JESUS. After all who is Branham?

  • Thank you for re-enforcing what the Message was about-Jesus Christ. God is the one that did all those things through William Branham;(are you discounting what God has done? Healing, -that is what the debate was about-the power of God to save AND heal.) Love you friend.

  • Bro. Glenn, it’s the spirit behind those man. But we do not have the ability like God to know the end from the beginning. It is important to maintain the right spirit. We are responsible to have perfect Love. we must love ALL man even those that despitefully use us, would kill us. replying bitterly to bitterness only causes the bitterness to grow in us brother. we must simply be able to honestly listen while maintaining our testimony and watch as God vindicates His Word. He has so many times already. We pray that all with bitterness would receive deliverance from that terrible trial.

  • Indeed the skeptics always there. God bless you Benjamin for the calm nature in your spirit- attribute of CHRIST.

  • What transpired during Bro Branhams ministry was intended for the ones to be saved believe it while others disbelieve and are condemned.The sheep ask the questions to learn but critics will always fault find. It all depends on your motive and election.Because what is not plain in BRANHAMS life and teachings.

  • The attribute of Christ in a minister testifies about the works of Christ without pointing to an IDOL. The use of branham’s name in the message is IDOLATRY. Doctrines like serpent seed, 7 ages,etc does not show God’s power of healing and salvation. The message doctrine is far off the mark to be classified as a healing stream.

  • The gospel is the power of God unto salvation not collapsing bridges, photographs or clouds. Paul proved from the law and prophets that “Jesus” is the Christ; do likewise.

  • Why do you falsely imply William Branham suggested that. Please start honestly from what the Message actually teaches. Misrepresenting it 3x’s and then calling your misrepresentation false is great sophistry, but rather childish.
    What church do you attend currently?

  • Your post has nothing to do with the article. Again why do you misrepresent the Message as lifting up William Branham’s name. If his name was lifted up at all it was because God lifted it up by the miracles and healings and prophecies. If signs and wonders do not have a message(ie. the doctrines) following them, then it is a purposeless Message.
    You seem to want it both ways. Doctrines without signs and wonders or Signs and wonders without doctrines.

    Whether or not it fits your opinion of what YOU think SHOULD be the case really is irrelevent. What God does and our being able to recognize that is what is relevant.
    So If God were doing something now.. What would it look like? What church do you currently attend?

  • We are concerned about what the bible teaches not the message. You are right you teach the message not the gospel. See the difference in proving that CHRIST came in flesh and branham’s prophecies. There is only one church; which one are you looking for? The use of branham’s name in the your church is idolatry and his so called signs and wonders IRRELEVANT to the gospel of salvation. Understand perfect doctrine(no miracles; your version of signs and wonders) from john the baptist.

  • We don’t need a scientist to explain to us signs and wonders but the order of the five fold ministry. What do you expect the true bride to benefit from that IDOL called the pillar of fire. Iam not misrepresenting any thing, you are testifying against yourself

  • The msg is purposeless. It has no foundation in the bible serve placing idols and branham as the focal point. This has defeated the entire realm of faith. (Faith comes by hearing the word of God). Not only did branham called himself the seventh angel but the final voice of God; all this in the face of Christ. Who then is misrepresenting branham? Branham is the mother of all carnal impersonators including the veterans of the message: that’s his legacy. The gospel is not build around the premise of branham a notable false prophet. Calling branham the 7th angel is actually confirming that he was indeed a FALSE prophet. YOUR ZEAL FOR GOD IS NOT ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGE.


  • You need more of the sign of Jonah. The bride belongs to the church of “The First Born” not (Pastor Peters’ denomination.

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