Only One Major Prophet at a Time.

Elijah and ElishaThere never was in the age, any two major prophets on the earth at one time. There were many minor prophets, but there were one major prophet. And Elijah was the prophet until Elisha came. Then when Elijah was taking off, a portion, double portion, of Elijah’s Spirit, Elijah’s Spirit came upon Elisha.
See, always remember this, God takes His man off the earth, but never takes His Spirit. His Spirit comes right back down this a way. It come upon Elijah, went off of Elijah onto to Elisha, off of Elisha It come on John the Baptist, off of John the Baptist, and is predicted to come again in the last days, the same Spirit. See? It’s God’s Spirit…” Rev. William Branham 1951

To see the perfect timing of God’s plan, the prophetic ministries of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel can be closely examined.   All three prophets were alive during a certain window of time when their lives overlapped.  Jeremiah was in the land of Israel, Ezekiel and Daniel were both in Babylon along the Euphrates River.

Jeremiah’s last vision is suggested as 595 BC[1].  after the completion of that vision the prophet commanded Seraiah to thow the scroll into the Euphrates river(Jeremiah 51:61-64.) Although Lamentations is suggested as 588, it is a book of national repentance rather than direct revelation.
Ezekiel’s vision seems to occur THE SAME YEAR and very near the location that Seraih threw the scroll into the Euphrates River. Ezekiel is at the river Chebar, a channel off the Euphrates River, when his vision and  prophecy begin – Ezekiels prophecy is from 595-574.

The prophet Daniels 1st vision does not occur until 555 BC and his prophecy continues through several kings and rulers of Babylon.

This Biblical timing is very consistent with what Bro. Branham pointed out.



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  • Amen, in the age of so many mouths that profess to speak on behalf of God. There’s got to be one vindicated mouthpiece.

  • The ONLY qualified major prophet is mentioned in Acts 3:18-26. The mark of a deceived man (false prophet) is manifested in EXALTING himself above God. Trying to market a “dead” man like coca cola and Real Madrid does not advance the cause of that Prophet, The Resurrected Jesus. See the functional gene of the body of Christ as taught by Paul. The body of Christ consist of MANY members not a(your) “major” prophet.

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