Persia Unveiled Book Released

Persia Unveiled

The book version of Persia Unveiled has now been released on Amazon.

You can order it there for $7.67 in paperback. This is a book about the testimonies of former Muslims that have come to Christ, missions work in Turkey and my testimony and calling to the ministry with Iranian’s.

“This book is a compelling witness of the continuation of the Book of Acts
as the original Gospel returns to the Middle East.  Surely there is a
Bride of every nation, kindred, tongue (language) and people.     I was
thrilled and challenged and sometimes moved to tears as I read the
accounts of the men and women who have hazarded their lives for the Gospel
of Jesus Christ.   This book serves as a great reminder, as the final
chapters of Redemption are being written, that there are those whose faith
is real and genuine and whose testimony belongs with those in Hebrews 11,
of whom the world is not worthy.”    –Tim D. Pruitt, Pastor of Evening Light Tabernacle in Homer, Louisiana 

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For those wondering, the DVD documentary of Persia Unveiled will be released within the week and can be pre-ordered.

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