Three Christians Die In Eritrean Prisons

We have learned that three Christians that were in Eritrean prisons have died in the last several months as a result of neglect and torture. Worthy News reports that, “Sources told Open Doors that Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom died at the Mitire Military Confinement center from both torture and complications from diabetes; Asgedom belonged to the Church of the Living God in Mendefera. Also in Mitire, Mogos Hagos Kiflom, 37, reportedly died as a result of torture after refusing to recant his faith; a member of Rhema Church, Kiflom is survived by a wife and child. In October, Open Doors reported the death of Teklesenbet Gebreab Kiflom, 36, at the Wi’a Military Confinement center; he reportedly died after prison officers refused him medical attention for malaria.”

The country of Eritrea is about half Sunni Muslim and half Orthodox Christian. It is a one-party state where national elections are continuouslydelayed. The government of President Isaias Afwerki has began a policy of brutal crackdown on unregistered house churches. Eritrea is on the US State Department’s list of Countries of Particular Concern for its record for religious persecution. In the month of December 2010 3,000 Christians were arrested and put in prison.

Please pray for Christians in Eritrea. Ask God to give them boldness to stand for the word of God and protection from the work of the evil one.



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