A Prophet Speaks Out About the Five-Fold Ministry

Quotes assembled by brother Jason Watkins.


53-0614e – “I Perceive That Thou Art A Prophet”

It’s the individual’s faith in Christ.

Now, to bring up this faith in Christ, there’s ministers. That’s the most important thing of the day, is a good God-sent preacher. I admire them. And their gift is far beyond anything could be done in anything else, is a preacher, a man who knows how to rightly divide the Word of God.

It’s the most wonderful gift in the world, is to be a minister. Which is a… Which was a New Testament modern day prophet, a preacher. “Prophesy” means “to foretell, or to tell some personal thing.” In other words, if you read the Bible and start tell… Then that’s a teacher. See? But a “prophesy” is “to testify or foretell.” All right. Now… And the Spirit of Christ is prophecy.

58-1005e – “God-Called Man”

And remember, that, in the midst of all this cry, God cannot send a revival till He’s got men in shape to take it. We cannot have a revival until we get men, God-called men, God-trained men, that’s not trained up in the schools of theology and of education, but rugged men of faith, that God has brought up in the school of His rugged training. Men who are not afraid to face the fire! Men who has come in the Presence of God; and knows His power, and knows His omnipotence, and knows His healing power! Some men that’s trained to know the living God! It’s all right to train them by the Word, but, “The letter killeth; the Spirit giveth Life.”

62-0607 – “Putting On The Whole Armor Of God”

76 Now, God fortified His army. What with? Himself, in the form of prophets, apostles, teachers, pastors. What did He do? What was God doing? Listen, did you ever think what that offices of the church is? It’s God’s dress, inside dress, an apostle, a prophet, a seer. Foresee, before Satan ever gets to it, done told it. What is it? God dressed up in His church. These offices is God’s dress-wear. When you see those offices, pastors, teachers, evangelists, what is that? That’s God’s dress-wear, God’s Presence, God’s Spirit (And if…) working through man.

And if that office denies any of this Word, then it’s not God-dressing…?… No, not that. That’s that wolf in sheep’s clothing. Watch that fellow. Beware of him.

63-0803b – “Investments”

20 As I am getting old, as I go down along the road, that this young fellows will come up to take this Gospel, in a more powerful way than it is now. As the generations goes, and the enemy comes in, God keeps raising the standard higher and higher and higher, until finally we’ll meet with Christ. 

65-0124 – “Birth Pains”

172 There is two systems working in the church world today. …

We all know that that’s the Word of God, and the denominational system. … Just as they was, Jacob and Esau; one after the Spirit, the other one after the flesh. And what is it? Esau and Jacob was fighting in the wombs of the mother, even to the time they were born. And so is the denominationals and the Word, fighting, one against the other. 

173 These men, if they pick up this and goes out with It, they can make more sense to It, see, to bring It to a place you would. I just want to lay this Seed, then hope they make It come to Life.

65-1205 – “Things That Are To Be”

But I’m very thankful for these open doors that I’ve had, to go into, and the inspiration it’s give to young men like your pastor here. That’s caused them…As I’m beginning to get old, and know that my days are numbered, and know now that these young men can take this Message and sweep It on to the Coming of the Lord, if He doesn’t come in my generation.

62-0620 – “Be Not Afraid”

E-94 I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe that He’s here now. I believe He’s the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star. I believe that He’s here today, appearing in among the people, showing to them that the end is nigh; and that soon He’s coming to catch away a church. And the ministry of His ministers are shaping right into His own ministry that He had here on earth, to catch away the entire church. I believe it with all my heart. 

63-0112 – “Influence”

304 Speak through me. And, Lord, I–I wouldn’t say, do that, unless You had ordained it. You ordained Your Gospel to be preached by men. You could ordain the wind to preach It. You could ordain the stars to preach It. You could ordain the moon, the sun, to preach It. But you ordained men. He won’t change it. You’re waiting on men. You’re not waiting on the stars; they’re obeying You. The winds will obey You. But, Lord, we men, we’re no good, we don’t obey You. Lord, forgive us, won’t You? Won’t You forgive us?

50-0227 – “God In His People”

E-23 God doesn’t fall upon denominations. God doesn’t fall upon mechanical devices. God, the Holy Spirit, fell upon men. Man is God’s agent, and the hardest thing that God has ever had to do was to get one mortal to believe another. Do you believe that?……

62-0729 – “Perseverant”

E-43 God always works through agents: men. Man is God’s agent always: not creeds, not denominations, but man. See? God never worked through machinery or never worked through denominations…….

62-0721 – “Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here”
E-49 God never used idols. He always used man. God don’t use machinery, mechanical devices. It’s… He uses men, individuals. Excuse me. I didn’t mean to holler that loud. Notice. I’m not excited though. I know right where I am. That’s right. I just feel good.

63-0317M – “God Hiding In Simplicity”  
29-2 {167}………God in the beginning that could’ve made the sun preach the Gospel, or the winds preach the Gospel, or an Angel preach the Gospel, but He ordained men for that purpose, and He never changes it.

He never ordained indiv… He never ordained denominations; He never ordained groups of men; He ordained men to preach the Gospel, not machinery, mechanical devices, or any angelic being; it was man…….

63-0428 – “Look”

46 Now, God could have chose to preach the Gospel by the sun, by the moon, by the stars, by the wind, or by nature. But He chose men to preach the Gospel, and that’s where the Voice of God will come from…….

64-0830M – “Questions And Answers 3

1088-Q-332 332…….”Do you teach that the Bride must not attend any other church unless you are preaching–preaching or else, otherwise, the Tabernacle?” No. I don’t teach that. I don’t believe that; I do not believe it. We’ve got ministers setting here that’s scattered all around through the country, and I believe they are part of that Bride. I believe that a man or woman can go to church anywhere they want to go that teaches the Word. And I believe, if they don’t teach the whole Word, and you can’t go to church any other place where they teach the whole Word, go where they teach half the Word until you can get to where they teach the whole Word. Go to church whatever you do. Do that.

64-0830M – “Questions And Answers 3

1106-Q-349 349. Now. Brother Branham, is it true that no one should preach but you? We have seen your–we have seen you ordain men. We do–don’t believe you would do that if there were not–if they were not to preach.

Mercy. Brother, sister, ever who told you that nobody’s to preach but me, I’d sure be a poor subject to God with all that. No. Every man or that feels a call of God upon his life, get into the ministry and start preaching; we need them.

Men of God are anointed all over the world to preach the Gospel. See? I’m just one little pebble on the beach among many big stones. See? So I… There’s just many that’s more eligible, more worthy, more of anything to preach than me; I’m just one little, humble person laying out here. I’m one grain of wheat in a whole garner. See? So that just a… You know what I mean. Any man that’s called of God needs to preach the Gospel.

51-0729A – The Resurrection Of Lazarus

E-77…….Brother, what we need today is preachers back behind the pulpit that preach the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Holy Ghost and fire baptism coming down upon the people. It’ll make them walk then, not out here on these beaches on Sunday afternoon stretch themselves in a bathing suit. It’ll make them walk to church………

52-0810A – I AM The Resurrection And Life

 E-43 Let me tell you what we need today is preachers would take the gloves off and stand in the pulpit, and claim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ with the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. 

55-0223 – “Job”

 E-30…….We need preachers that’ll preach the Word, tell us the truth about it, tell us we must be borned again, and bring us on the basis of the shed Blood to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, introduced all the good things that God’s got for us. That’s a fact, sir. There it is. That’s the kind you get the vitamins from. Might be in a barn, or mission, but just so you’re getting fed is the main thing.

55-0311 – “The Seal Of The Antichrist”  

 E-68……..If the pastor carries on with a lot of nonsense, you find the congregation the same way.

If the pastor’s a good, solid, Gospel teacher, that’ll hold his children down, and give them a little protaplasma stimulation when they need it (That’s right.), lay the Gospel down and spank them right good with it, you’ll find a good obedient church (That’s right.), where people can come and enjoy themselves in the Gospel. If he’s a good preacher, that’ll stay on the Word, and stay in the Word, and say it that way, and see that his church is operated, truly, by the Holy Spirit, not get off in these isms. As soon as they start something, he will snap it out like that. That’s what we need today, is some more preachers like that. Amen…….

56-0121 – “The Inner Veil”  

 E-47……..What we need today is the old fashion hell fire and brimstone preachers back in the pulpit again to preach the truth (Right.), a hell for sinners, and “Except a man be born again, he will in no wise enter the Kingdom.”……

56-0527 – “At Kadesh Barnea”

 E-47…….Brother, what we need today is some old fashion preachers who will call black, black and white, white like John the Baptist……

56-0617 – “Revelation Book Of Symbols”  

 57……Your pastor, when he stands here on the platform, ministering the Word of God, he is God’s angel to the church, messenger to the church. Therefore, a pastor should never leave that Word, but stay straight with the Word, because He’s feeding the shepherd’s place, ’cause the–the word “pastor” means “shepherd.” Look it up and find out if that ain’t right. A pastor is a shepherd, and the Holy Ghost has made him overseer over a certain flock to feed them. What with? The Word of God. Amen……..

56-0728 – “Making The Valley Full Of Ditches” 

 E-27………The church needs an old fashion, Holy Ghost, God-sent revival, and preachers to get in the pulpit and call the things out. That’s right. Let the righteous wrath of God rain down through old fashion, hell fire and brimstone preaching. Too bad they ever got away with it, and sissified it……. 

56-0805 – “The Church And Its Condition”  

54……….That’s what we need, some old fashion homes again, and some preachers that’ll stand behind the pulpit and preach the truth, and lay it down where it belongs to be led. Amen. That’s true. Oh, my.

56-0815 – “Faith”

E-66………What we need today is an old time Saint Paul’s revival and the Bible Holy Ghost back again. Correctly. What we need is some preachers that’ll get out and preach the truth of the thing.

56-1002A – Father The Hour Has Come”  

 E-61……..You women, clean yourselves up. You men, be Christians. You preachers, go to your pulpits preaching. God is with us.

56-1209A – “God Making His Promise”

 E-55…….What we need today is some more of those old fashion, stirring preachers that used to travel the land with a little suitcase in their hand, preach the Gospel. Got too much little sissies today trying to do it. What we need is the baptism of the Holy Ghost back again.

57-0307 – “God Keeps His Word 2

 E-18…….Micaiah said, “I don’t care what they’re saying, as the Lord liveth, I will say what God says.” That’s what we need today, is preachers, and men who will say what God’s says to be the truth. No matter if it’s a great organization that you’re building upon, if it’s not built upon the Word of God, it’ll fall. No matter what else you have, it’ll fall if it’s not on the Word of God.

57-0309E – “Jehovah Jireh”

E-22……..What we need is God-fearing preachers who tells the truth. That’s right. Now, that’s what makes the separation.

If I was choosing a pastor, and I was on the board, and had to select a pastor, and he was one of those wishy-washy, kind of sissified guys like that, I sure wouldn’t vote him into my church. I… anything, I’d vote him out, and get a man that did believe God’s Word, and took God’s Word, and preached it, and stood on it. I want a son of Abraham up there, a son of God.

58-1012 – “The Sudden Secret Going Away OF The Church” E-24……..What we need is old fashion, God sent, heaven born preachers who will tell the truth regardless who it hurts, like John, who said, “The axe is laid to the root of the tree; and every tree that not bringeth forth good fruits is hewn down and cast into the fire.” We need preachers, prophets like that who will bombard and use the judgments of God for ammunition to tear up and–this wicked condition that we’re living in……..


  E-37……..we give away to modern rock-and-roll, and sin, and carrying on, and indulging in the things of the world, and let the church alone. Stay home on Wednesday night to see, “We Love Sucy,” the televisions and things, and let the church set without anything.

And run the old fashion pastor out, and put a little kinky headed Hollywood rat in there that knowed no more about God than a rabbit knowed about snowshoes. And put him in there and call him your pastor, electing something like that. What we need today is the old fashion hell fire and brimstone preacher back in the pulpit to handle the Gospel, bare handed, call black black, and white white. We’ve played religion too long.


  85……..We need some of the old fashion, backwoods preachers that’s got the Holy Spirit, that’s not afraid to preach the Gospel with their bare hands, not covered up with some kind of a rubber glove, but preach the coming of the Lord Jesus, judgment for the wicked, and heaven for the righteous, and the near approaching……..


  E-69…….Brother, let me tell you we need men behind the pulpit, not a bunch of theological sissies that’s afraid of something to say to the people. We need men of courage, good men, filled with the Holy Ghost, that stands there that will not preach sissified stuff, and creeds, and denomination, but will preach the Gospel and shuck the hide off of them……


  117 Nowadays they’re so, “Well, we don’t believe in saying ‘hell’ in the pulpit.” Oh, mercy. So…?… Uh. We need men of God, men who won’t hold back.

Now, everybody can’t be a preacher, but you got a voice. And if you can’t preach the people a sermon… If you’re a preacher, you’re called to the pulpit to preach. If you’re not, you’re still a preacher, but live the people a sermon. Let your sermon be lived, and it’s the voice of God that’ll bring reproach to them who reject it. They say, “No one can put a finger on his or her life. They’re sweet, living… They… If there ever was a man of God, it’s that man or that woman.” See, live your sermons………


  E-81……..What we need is men that’ll preach the Gospel and handle it with the powers of God, tell the truth, regardless if the organization kicks him out. What difference does it make? Yes, sir. We need man of God anointed with the Holy Ghost that’ll preach the Gospel regardless of what the organization or denomination says about it. Makes no difference anyhow, it’s God we are for. Amen!…….


  122 And you businessmen remember that, too. We preachers have enough hard time keeping this Thing straight. It’s not for laymen. Laymen has their part, but the pulpit is for the minister that’s ordained. “God sets, in the Church, men for these things.”


77 Now think. If God, in His mercy, has the mother, before the little baby is born, it’s craving for some vitamin, and the mother’s words speaks forth, “Dad, I–I–I want cantaloupe, or watermelon. I want something, another.” It’s out of… Why, he’ll do everything he can, to get that, because he knows that he wants his child born as perfect as it can be. See? And he’ll do everything that he’s able to do, to get it.

78 How much more able-er is He, to get it! He’s a Creator. Now think how able He is, to prepare us a body, to live like His Own glorious body, if we want to live. There is something in us, calls, to live. And there is something in us that calls to do right. Then God will call somebody on the platform, or the pulpit, that will preach the absolute Truth. Why? See? It shows you. Then, if you’re a real child of God, you begin to cry out, “God, take it away from me. Circumcise me from this. Take these things away from me.” Why? It’s needed for your heavenly Home that you’re going to, where He’s gone on to prepare. You got to be a real Word Bride of Christ.


  11 There would happen to be a stranger in our midst; that’s our pastor here, Brother Neville. He’s developed a little hoarseness in his throat, and that’s the reason we haven’t heard much of him the last couple nights. He’s kinda asked to be silent as much as possible, for that cause, until his throat has a chance to–to–he’s has the chance to recuperate again.


  E-1 Thank you Brother Neville. It is understood that the Neville trio is one of the best trio’s in the nation. [Someone says something to Brother Branham–Ed.] Anyway that’s right. That’s right. And how many heard the broadcast yesterday? I am an old veteran preacher, over twenty years old. And I heard lots of sermons, but I believe I heard one of the most appropriate sermons for the day that we’re living; I heard it yesterday by our pastor, Brother Neville. You who missed that, missed a great treasure that was dearly in my heart.

And when my wife was washing dishes… Junie, I was helping her, so that won’t hurt. Delores makes you wash them too. So while I was helping her wash the dishes, we both had to stop as just to–to remark to each other how that the Lord was using our brother, and yesterday’s message on the radio. And it was a marvelous masterpiece, if I ever heard one. And I was so happy to know that the one who the Lord was using to bring the message, I was associated with in the work of the Lord.


  28-3……..He’s the pastor here, a man filled with the Spirit, a real preacher, a real theologian. And I ask you, the people of this city and this community, if you have no church, and you want to hear the real Gospel, come hear Brother Neville. He stands for this same thing that I do, absolutely, a real gallant soldier. We all here love Brother Neville. He’s been here with us a long time, and we love him.


  E-9……..I want you to know, if you’re ever by here any time, I wish it so you’d come by and hear our pastor. We’ve got a real pastor at this Tabernacle, Brother Orman Neville……


  E-10…….I’ve heard preachers all over the world, preach, but sometimes he preaches things that just astounds me. I tell you, he just carries you off in–in those little things that he uses, that… I tell you, every time I come, I bring… I get about fifteen texts out of his sermon when I–when I come, writing it down. Going home, “Oh, my, wouldn’t that make a message. Oh, my, wouldn’t that make a message.” And just write it down…

So come around and hear our Brother Neville, and associate with our people…….