November 27, 2013


Our intention is to dig in deeper to the Word and teach it to you, as our defense against those who are stating the message contradicts itself or that brother William Branham was an outright liar. The message brings us the truth of the Scriptures.

Reason is no replacement for faith and reasoning that the message is true cannot stand in the place of the new birth. What is most critical is that you prayerfully study, search the Scriptures and more than anything ask God to search your heart and to bring you into right relationship with himself.

End Time Scriptures

Revelation of the 7 Seals

Malachi 4 – During the Grace Age

Malachi 4 – Smite the Earth With A Curse

Malachi 4 – Dual Fulfillment

Answering Questions About Revelation 10:7

Seven Thunders Part 1 – English and Farsi

Seven Thunders Part 2 – English and Farsi

When That Which Is Perfect Is Come

Serpent’s Seed

What is the Original Sin?

The Original Sin and Serpent’s Seed

Sermon Video On Serpent’s Seed

What Was the Serpent?

The Curse of the Ground For Adam

What Was Adam’s Sin?

Modesty and Holiness

Full Study On the Standards of Holiness

1 Timothy 2:9 A Long Dress

Why Did Jezebel Paint Her Face?

Why Could Jezebel Tire Her Hair?

Legalism and Deuteronomy 22:5

Is Make-up Modest?

Did Queen Esther Wear Make-up?


We Are Not Jesus Only

Same Person and Individual Different

Jesus Christ, the God-Man

Three Eternal Persons In Fellowship??

Historians Speaking Honestly About the Trinity

Three Persons is Three Gods

Original Faith

The Message of the Apostles

Biblical Apostolic Authority

God’s Basic Instructions


The Great Seal

Three Bibles of William Branham?

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