Teachings of the Message

Our purpose is to dig deeper into the Word and its teachings, as our defense against those who are stating the message contradicts itself or that brother William Branham was an outright liar. The message brings us the truth of the Scriptures.

Reason is no replacement for faith and reasoning that the message is true cannot stand in the place of the new birth. What is most critical is that you prayerfully study, search the Scriptures and more than anything ask God to search your heart and to bring you into right relationship with himself.

We seek to follow the Bible and all of its teachings. There is a great lack of biblical literacy in the land in our age. We desire to show the truth of this message and its teachings from the Bible. This in itself will help establish believers more deeply. God never intended for us to piece together doctrines from quotes of Brother Branham. Rather, we are to take what he taught and expound upon it from the Bible. 

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