Treaty of Versailles: Siegfried Line

“I seen those independent Nazis kicking the Americans like that and things at that wall. And there’s many boys standing here now that was at that Siegfried Line that knows what it was. And remember, that was eleven years before the Siegfried Line was built. Is God true? Does He still foretell things to happen? Read more about Treaty of Versailles: Siegfried Line[…]

Did FDR lead the United States into WW2?

Military Historian J.F.C. Fuller says as much in A Military History of the Western World: VOL III. President Roosevelt “left no stone unturned to provoke Hitler to declare war on the very people to whom he so ardently promised peace. He provided Great Britain with American destroyers, he landed American troops in Iceland, and he set Read more about Did FDR lead the United States into WW2?[…]