Iranian Christian Prisoner Updates

Please continue to remember Brother Behnam Irani in your prayers. He has not been required to report back to prison yet. He still remains in his home in Iran. He has been out of prison since July 4, 2015. Our sources are reporting that he is required to report back to prison on August 7, Read more about Iranian Christian Prisoner Updates[…]

Youcef Pressured To Return To Islam Again

Our sources report that brother Youcef Nadarkhani’s lawyers met last week with Mr. Heshmati, the chief justice of Gilan province. Once again, the chief justice told them that if Youcef repents, that is, leaves Christianity and returns to Islam, he will be released from prison. Youcef informed his attorneys that repenting means to return. He said Read more about Youcef Pressured To Return To Islam Again[…]

Awaiting the Ayatollah’s Response

Brother Youcef Nadarkhani is still waiting for a ruling from the Gilan provincial court. The jurists sent another letter, earlier this week, to the Ayatollah Khameini requesting his legal opinion. They have not received any response from him. If he does not respond the court will have to issue the decision without his input. They Read more about Awaiting the Ayatollah’s Response[…]

Persecuted Church in Myanmar

I recently received several updates about the church in Myanmar. Mainline churches that are authorized by the government are free to operate in Myanmar. However, in order to have a church you must be approved by the ruling military junta. I have been informed by sources that meetings with over five people must receive express Read more about Persecuted Church in Myanmar[…]