Does the Bible Teach the Trinity?

Does the Bible teach the Trinity? The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.  Psalms 110:1 Many Trinitarians point to this scripture when discussing the Trinity. Capital L-O-R-D is generally understood as being the Father, and the “Lord” is usually understood as being Jesus Read more about Does the Bible Teach the Trinity?[…]

Jewish Understanding of “Let Us” in Genesis 1:26

This is an article I came across that I thought was very well done and explained Genesis 1:26 very well in light of the oneness of God. Rabbi Tovia Singer This verse appears in missionary literature quite often in spite of the fact that this argument has been answered countless times throughout the centuries. Let’s Read more about Jewish Understanding of “Let Us” in Genesis 1:26[…]

Logos: Father or Son?

I’ve been asked several times to further explain myself in regards to what I was teaching on “let us make man in our own image.” I apologize for the mis-undertanding I have caused. This happened because I have went through a change of thought and mind that others have not witnessed. My writings online are Read more about Logos: Father or Son?[…]

Preach the Gospel

I have a deep burden in my heart to see the gospel preached here in America amongst and through believers of the end-time message. Here is the reason I have this burden. I have seen and heard of many people being so disturbed because someone presented them with William Branham and his ministry. They say Read more about Preach the Gospel[…]