Four Christian To Be Tried in Ahwaz, Iran

Four Iranian Christians To Stand Trial in Ahwaz, Iran

Four Christians will stand trial for their faith on February 1, 2016 in the Ahwaz Khuzestan Provence Revolutionary Court in Iran; Pastor Amin Khaki, brother Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, brother Mohammad Bahrami, and brother Rahman Bahmani. They were arrested during a picnic in southern Iran near the city of Danial-e Shoush. While they were holding their Read more about Four Iranian Christians To Stand Trial in Ahwaz, Iran[…]

Amin Khaki

Pastor Amin Khaki To Be Retried

In a previous report we revealed how Pastor Amin Khaki along with several believers were convicted of spreading Christianity in Iran. The other believers who were convicted were Hossein Barounzadeh, Mohammad Bahrami and Rahman Bahmani. They appealed their verdicts last October and have been scheduled to go on a new trial February 1st, 2016. We ask that Read more about Pastor Amin Khaki To Be Retried[…]

Pastor Behnam Irani

Prayer Requested for Ailing Pastor In Prison

Pastor Behnam Irani from Karaj, Iran is suffering from influenza in prison. As you may recall he has been serving a six year prison sentence and much of that time has faced some serious intestinal bleeding, dimming eye sight, slipped discs in his back and now on top of everything else he has a serious Read more about Prayer Requested for Ailing Pastor In Prison[…]

truth ministry

Many Baptized In Turkey

Many Iranian refugees in Turkey have come to faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Acts 2:38. Our churches are growing in numbers, but more importantly people are growing in their faith and maturity in the Word of God. We have upcoming outreach events Read more about Many Baptized In Turkey[…]

bible truth ministries

Three Sermons Printed

By God’s grace we have printed 100 copies of three translated sermons, in the Farsi language, by brother William Branham entitled; The Seed is Not Heir With the Shuck, Spiritual Food In Due Season and Serpent’s Seed. We were also able to print 100 copies of God’s Footprints In the Plan of Salvation, an evangelistic Read more about Three Sermons Printed[…]

Behnam Irani

Behnam Irani Temporarily Released

Our sources are reporting that Brother Behnam Irani, pastor of the church of Iran, independent Karaj location, has been given a temporary release from prison again that was to last two days. He will have to report back to prison on Monday October 5th. He is in good spirits and his faith is remaining very strong. Read more about Behnam Irani Temporarily Released[…]

bible truth ministries

Farsi Translations Update

The translation of the sermons of brother Branham into the Farsi language continue. We have a website where all of these translations have been posted. There are still 45 of them, with 11 audios completed. Currently, one of our translators is working on the series of books called “Supernatural: the Life of William Branham” are Read more about Farsi Translations Update[…]

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