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Farsi Translations Update

The translation of the sermons of brother Branham into the Farsi language continue. We have a website where all of these translations have been posted. There are still 45 of them, with 11 audios completed. Currently, one of our translators is working on the series of books called “Supernatural: the Life of William Branham” are Read more about Farsi Translations Update[…]


Father and Son: Same Person and Individual Different

We received this question in our comments on the article entitled Oneness View vs. Biblical View of the Godhead. Dear Brother Jason, The last quote really caught my attention. How do you reconcile this with where he says “he was the self-same person”? I have always wondered. Brother, this is a great question that you Read more about Father and Son: Same Person and Individual Different[…]

How You Can Help Brother Youcef

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani remains in Lakan Prison in Rasht, Iran. He has been in prison for one year and eight months. Don’t let him be forgotten. Alert your MP’s, Congressmen and State Department’s about what is happening. Write a letter to Youcef or to Iranian officials. He is under the death sentence for apostasy, an Read more about How You Can Help Brother Youcef[…]