December 5, 2013


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If you are living outside of the United States additional amounts will be charged for shipping. For those living in countries where you are unable to afford to purchase this book please send us an email at The cost for the books goes towards printing and shipping. Making a profit is not intended, our desire is to see that the word of the Lord increases.

Holiness Unto the Lord

In this book I have an in-depth study of Christian modesty according to the Bible, addressing many objections and providing scriptural and historical evidence defending the position of the message regarding it.

18 pages







God’s Basic Instructions

In this book I cover the basics of the Christian faith from the perspective of the message. Without going into great depth on each subject yet covering the details of the new birth, law and grace, the Ten Commandments, the three ordinances, the Godhead and Prayer. The main purpose of this book is to provide a foundation to those who have grown up in the message and for those seeking a foundation of which to build upon their understanding of the truth.

28 pages




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