This booklet focuses on ministering the message of the hour to believers. Our purpose is to stay faithful to the teachings of brother Branham and to help believers get more established in these Biblical teachings. 

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The end time message was sent to reveal the hidden mysteries of the Bible and in so doing bring us back to the original  faith. It is our purpose, through the PTM Contender, to bear record of this vindicated truth. In a day and age when people are fighting against the message, the best antidote is to simply continue to teach this message from the Bible. 

Contending For the Faith Once Delivered To the Saints



The Basics


Mysteries Revealed

Teaching the basics of the message to help us stay established in the reality of what Christ is doing today. 

End Time Evangelism

Often the basics lead directly into the revelation of the mysteries which are given to the elect to understand.

Out of the PTM Contender it our sincere desire to see believers being strong in faith and sharing it with others.

"I've been writing the PTM Contender now for several months and it is already going into 11 countries. We've had many testimonies from believers about how their questions have been answered by the various topics that we have covered."

Jason DeMars