Write A Letter To Brother Youcef

We learned that Youcef Nadarkhani of Rasht, Iran is still alive in Lakan Prison. We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for that.

Voice of the Martyrs put together this Prisoner Alert for brother Youcef. It is a great tool that we can use to contact Iranian officials, share the information with others, but they also gave us the means to write a letter to brother Youcef in prison.

Writing a letter will encourage brother Youcef, but it will also let the Iranian authorities there directly involved in his case know that what they are doing is not a secret. There are even cases where prisoners have been released after receiving hundreds of letters from around the world.

You will have to follow the instructions on their website, print out the letter and mail it to Iran. I ask that each of you make the sacrifice and very quickly write a letter to brother Youcef to encourage him.

Follow the instructions closely.

Go to: Prisoner Alert for Youcef Nadarkhani

Under What Can You Do For Youcef Nadarkhani click on “write an encouraging letter.” Below that will pop up WRITE AN ENCOURAGING LETTER DIRECTLY TO YOUCEF NADARKHANI and below that click on CREATE LETTER.

Then follow their prompts, select your scriptures then after you print your letter write something encouraging in English to him, do not mention anything negative about the government or how you learned about this situation, especially do not mention any organizations or individuals. Write something encouraging and also we recommend you include a photo of yourself or your family.

Then put some postage on the letter and get it sent out to brother Youcef in the Lakan prison.

Thank you for being an advocate for our brother who is bonds. You are following the biblical mandate to “remember them in bonds.”

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