Update on Youcef Nadarkhani

Brother Youcef continues to be in the custody of the Islamic government of Iran under a sentence of death. He is being held in Lakan prison in Gilan province in northern Iran. He is being held in the main part of the prison with drug dealers and murderers. We are still waiting for the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran to review his case and render a judgement on whether or not the death sentence should be carried out.

Of course, his wife and children are in a difficult situation as well. I ask that you pray for them and if God moves upon your heart let us here at Present Truth Ministries know about it.

Pray for the Supreme Court members, pray for all involved in his case, that God would touch their hearts and that they would come to know Jesus Christ in the reality of who he is. Pray for those who are speaking evil of brother Youcef and calling him a cult leader and a Branhamite and a pseudo Christian. It is a shame that a brother who stands only on the Bible and believes we must first hold to that before the Athanasian or Chalcedonian Creed is held in contempt by both Muslims and Christian sectarians.

The persecution of our dear brother is coming from every direction. He desperately needs our support and prayers.

Brother Behrouz has been released and I believe with all my heart that through our faith and prayers brother Youcef will be released as well.

God bless you,

Brother Jason



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