Trial of 11 Christians in Bandar Anzali, Iran May 1st

In Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran eleven Christians will stand trial on May 1st for activities against the Order (gathering for fellowship and worship in a house church) and drinking alcohol (taking the Lord’s supper with wine). Unfortunately, under current conditions the Iranian regime mistakes even house churches who are not gathered for any political purposes as being gathered for that purpose.
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Here are the names of the 11 believers.

  1. Abdolreza Ali-Haghnejad
  2. and his wife Anahita Khademi (in Iran the government does not have the wife take the husband’s last name)
  3. Mahmoud Khosh-Hal
  4. and his wife Hava Saadetmend
  5. Amir Goldoust
  6. Mina Goldoust (Amir and Mina are brother and sister)
  7. Zainab Bahremend, who is the grandmother of Amir and Mina
  8. Fatemah Modir-Nouri
  9. Mehrdad Habibzade
  10. Milad Radef
  11. Behzad Taalipasand

Please pray that God would give them wisdom and use this opportunity to have the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to those who do not believe and have not heard. Pray that hearts and minds would be touched by the truth and the love of God would shine forth through each believer. Pray that the power and anointing of the living God would rest upon each of these precious believers as they go to trial so that they would have peace.