Sentencing of Pastor Behnam Irani of Karaj, Iran

On April 14, 2010, brother Behnam Irani, pastor of a small church in Karaj, Iran, was leading a church service when interrupted by the Iranian secret police. Brother Behnam was beaten in front of the believers, and then arrested. The believers present were detained for questioning but not arrested. Brother Behnam was released on bail a short time later. His trial was last Sunday, January 16, 2011. He was charged with action against the Order (government) and has been sentenced to one year in prison. He has 20 days to appeal the ruling before he begins to serve the sentence.

Please pray for Behnam, as well as his wife and two children. They will all need faith and strength through this time, as well as the prayers, encouragement, and support of believers around the world.



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