Sentence of Death For Youcef Nadarkhani

I have just learned the news that brother Youcef Nadarkhani has received the death sentence by the political tribunal in Rasht, Iran. There are 20 days to appeal the sentence after which time he will be executed for converting from Islam to Christianity and leading Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. Please fast and pray that the Lord Jesus makes a way for his deliverance from this sentence. The believers in Iran are vigorously protesting this decision and are hoping to get it brought before the supreme court of Iran. Our hope is in God and he will provide and make a way for deliverance. We do all we can in the natural to help, but truly the Lord God is our hope. Some trust in chariots we trust in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



4 thoughts on “Sentence of Death For Youcef Nadarkhani

  • There is a Christian representative in the Parliament, Jews have one also as the main minorites are given representation. Perhaps this could be investigated. The previous President has publically stated in recent times that people cannot be forced into beliefs, so there are those who are trying to find a more moderate way but this cannot be helped by foriegn interference in Iranian politics as we saw during the election and given its US base it is inevitable that any US connection in any Christian group one would have to be unreal to not expect extreme treatment given Iran has been threatened by the US to be treated like Iraq since 2003! Consider one moment what happened to Iraqi Christians before and after the US invasion as to which was the real tyrany! Who prayed for them?
    Jesus said ‘watch and pray’; people are good at praying but dont ‘watch’ and so we can end up praying in ignorance of the greater opposition. Derogitory comments about the President and Government which can be read by their security systems dont help and comments that their politicians are corrupt and they dont follow their constitutoin is hypocracy given that the same is the case in the US and there are other points similar such as the US has the largest incarserated ( prison) population in the world.
    There are positive things that can be looked at such as the Koran has Mohanmmed
    saying the people of the Book ( Christians ) should be respected and held as fellow travellers, even though there are contradictory verses scattered amongst the writings.
    The situation in Russia is similar, small obscure/unknown groups are not welcome and there is a constitutional bias towards the Russian Orthodox Church because it can be trusted. The security situation is exactly the same as with Iran by the same foeriegn funding towards insurection and local terrorist organisations and politicians with double passports.
    The established Christians churches in Iran obviously have some trust established with the government and the theocratic heirarchy so some form of relationship and registration of some kind may well be possible so the visible aspect of the church and the pastors and teachers are not compromised by anything. Evangelical work obviously has to be individual anyway. It may not be long and we will want the Iranian Christians to pray for us in the western world.
    I have a lot of interest in Iran and I am hopeful things will change for the better and there are signs that is may come to pass. Inspite of their Islamic revolution they chose not the export their revolution, have not threatened any neighbour, yet look at the state of two of its neighbours thanks to the nuclear armed so-called Christian West. They know what its like to be embargoed for trying to be themselves perhaps that might strike a note as well.
    Lets pray, yes, but let there be both eyes open and room for wisdom as well.

  • Dear Saints,

    simply sign the PETITION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN IRAN to release ’em from prison:

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    Thank you and God bless you in a special way.

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