Prison Conditions in Iran and Request For Help

The attached document will tell you the details of how prisoners are treated in Iranian prison. It is 9 pages, but I ask that you read the entire piece and find out how the treat people. No, it is not this extreme in every case, but please read and understand what the Christians who are in prison in Iran are dealing with. Keep in mind that the women that are in prison were previously threatened with rape.

Prison Conditions in Iran

We need your prayers and they need financial support for their attorneys, they have only received financial support from 3 different churches and a small handful of believers and it has been a relatively small amount. I know some have said attorneys don’t work in Iran, but just as you first pray and ask God to heal you you also go to the doctor. The believers there in Iran believe that attorneys will help the situation. Recently the attorney for Behnam Irani was able to arrange his bail and he is now free.

The person who worked in the behalf of others (in lieu of an attorney) to make arrangements, bail, etc. is pastor Behrouz Khandjani and he is now in prison. Of course, it is much more difficult for the attorneys to work in Iran versus in the US because of the rampant corruption, but nonetheless attorneys do have some level of success in working to secure their release.

I feel very strongly that we should help our brothers and sisters in any way we possibly can to ensure their release. It is important to work on every level, first prayer because God is stronger then men and he can work to move and change anyones heart. Secondly, we should work together to support them financially so that they can get attorneys to work for them and have them continue on for some time in the work.