Please Help Pastor Youcef and His Wife

Pastor Youcef Nadarkani of Rasht, Iran has now been in prison for a total of nine months. He was taken into custody on October 12, 2009. The charges were for apostasy, evangelism and being anti-government. He has endured interrogation faithfully for the Lord Jesus Christ during that time. He has been asked on multiple occasions to deny his faith and return to Islam or else they will execute him. He has told them to kill him if that is the choice.

Currently, due to a lack of funding, he has no access to legal representation.

On June 8th, his wife, Fatemeh Pasandideh, was taken into custody and is currently in prison on charges of apostasy. Their children are now with a relative, but they have been threatened with the death sentence and told their children will be taken and given to Muslims to raise them.

Certainly, the legal system is not perfect in Iran and corruption is rampant, but there are some who claim that lawyers will not help at all. This is clearly not the case as the lawyers work to co-ordinate trials, bail and stand on behalf of the accused. As members of a non-denominatal Christian group these believers have received only a very small amount of financial assistance and no help from groups like Elam, Voice of the Martyrs or Open Doors.

They have been cut off from the lawyers these groups have access to as they do not accept the traditional doctrine of the trinity of persons. Then there are some who have said that lawyers will not help that we must pray only. We must pray daily for them and this is our primary weapon. As Christians we should do everything we can to help. Just as you pray and also go to the doctor when you are sick so these believers need our help to get legal counsel.

This is not true, a lawyer recently helped to arrange bail for the release of Pastor Behnam Irani in Karaj, Iran. The secret police threatened this pastor that he should not be using a lawyer. This is the same idea that some Christians have. Though clearly if those of us who live in countries like the USA and Canada were jailed on false charges we would pray, but also seek legal counsel.

I am asking that you consider giving to their legal fund that I am working on gathering. Pastor Youcef and his wife desperately need your prayers and legal counsel. If you wish to give to their legal fund please click on Give above and inform me that you are giving for this purpose.

Three things you can do to help;

1. Pray for God to free them from the prison and to work on every level for them.
2. Give to their legal fund.
3. Share this article with friends, family and other Christians that you know.



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