Jailed Iranian Pastor, Behnam Irani, On Temporary Release

11731262_913416115395385_1130286106_o (1)We are excited to announce that Brother Behnam Irani has been granted temporary release from prison. He was given 15 days out of jail with a $40,000 pledge, so that he would return. His mother was able to pledge her home and she will receive full rights to it back after he returns to prison. He returned to his family on Saturday July 4th and will need to return to prison on July 19th. We are so grateful he was able to get back home to be with his family even for this short period of time. It is the first time they are together at home in four and a half years!

Continue to remember them in your prayers, especially that he would remain released permanently and that they can restart their lives together.

God bless you.



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