Iranian Persecution of House Churches

Arrests and persecution by the Islamic political police multiply as well as searches of homes of Christians. So, two weeks after the arrest of Pastor Behnam Irani a church leader by the name of Karaj Khaki Amin was arrested on Sunday by police of the Islamic regime. He had previously responded to several invitations because of his Christian commitment.

This new wave of arrests of members of the church of Iran came as pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and Amin Pishkar,, a little further north, in Rasht are still in detention. Their crime: having claimed their constitutional rights. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was arrested for refusing his children receive Islamic instruction.

The wave of anti-Christian activity in Iran goes beyond the Church of Iran, there are reports of increasing cases of arrests amongst all Christians. In many cases, victims are abandoned by the very people who are supposed to support them and they become silent to avoid aggravating their situation and inflaming the government. According the desires of the Iranian Gestapo, former detainees may be redirected to Turkey or to a so-called church working with the government. The idea would be to end the disturbances caused by the house churches.

A legal vacuum

You could suppose that these arrests are based on legislation, but in fact, the Constitution of the “Republic” recognizes the Islamic minorities right to exist. Under the twenty-third constitutional principle, in terms of “the rights of the people”; the “The investigation of individuals’ beliefs i” is forbiden .

However in judging the situation, it proves that the chapter on the rights of the people was copied from a Western Constitution so much so it appears far from the concerns of the Political Police force of the Islamic Order. The “rights of the nation” are not cited in any case law in the revolutionary courts. The constitutional rights are not followed by the orders of the Political Policy Nezam (the College of Mullahs).

Under the secret Constitution of the Nezam… Even there some classification among Shiites: There are positive Shiite and Non-Productive Shiite. Positive Shiite recognize his Vali Faghi (Spirtual Tutor), The Supreme Leader appointed by a decree of Allah. It is impossible for a Christian to incorporate this logic. He may howerver be accepted by accepting a status of dhimmi.

Protestations of pastor Behrouz Khandjani (an apostle of the church in Iran) about the status of Christians has not received any answer. Worse, Behrouz has received threats from the government.

A pact with the devil …

Faced with the violence against Christians, one can only wonder at the silence of the international community. More surprising still, the silent complicity of some organizations who claim to defend the rights of Christians. Some self-proclaimed experts of persecution even begin to dream with the mullahs, the destruction of Christian movements and doctrines marked as “non-compliant”. Thus the Church of Iran, has been censored from these christian rights organizations. Depending on the case they have been presented as Arian or modalists, without any consistency. That says enough about the theological expertise claims of these organizations who remember vaguely historical data acquired in Bible school …

Could it be that beyond that, also beyond appearances, the same spirit animates the religious Cainite mullahocracy these so called Christian specialists?” Can anyone answer this?

Beyond the doctrinal aspect that has been emphasized, there is a “rivalry” that is tolerated between churches and house churches. In recent years, churches have been tolerated who comply with the recommendations of the political police: therefore they constitute a small minority in the Christian landscape of Iran. The house church members are promised a reward for church leaders who are turned in. One of the options indirectly given to prisoners is to be under the umbrella of an acceptable chruch or tolerated by some Christian organizations presenting themselves as opposed to the system. Thus we have witnessed the “recovery” of members of house churches into denominational churches. The central idea is to stop the “scary” growth of the Christian faith with the support of other “compliant” Christians. They have bet that the plan would succeed and it would, if they did not face the Grand Strategist.

Unfortunately these “experts” come to your churches to call you to support the persecuted. But is it just a business, an evangelical business?