Iranian Pastors Held Indefinitely

Youcef and Family

Our sources have confirmed that security officials have informed the court not to deliver an official verdict. Youcef Nadarkhani and Behrouz Sadegh-Khandjani are being denied any outside contact. Neither their attorney nor family is allowed to see or talk with them. Iranian officials are upset about the amount of international attention this case is getting. Since the prisoners are not affiliated with a denomination, the Iranian officials thought they could keep their evil deeds hidden. However, the international attention has forced them to maintain appearances, and thus they will neither deliver a sentence of death nor execute them at this time. They want to hold them in prison indefinitely without any verdict and, in Behrouz’ case, without any official charges.

Fatemeh Torkkajouri (Wife of Behrouz)

Please continue to share petitions, alert government officials, share the updates from my website, and alert believers to pray. As you pray for their release, pray also for their protection during this time of isolation, as well as for their family. Both men have a wife and child/children at home who needprayer,love, and support.  God is working, and through our prayers and faith, He will get them released by His marvelous hand.

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God bless you as we press forward in faith.

Jason DeMars