Iranian Pastor Convicted For Spreading Christianity

Pastor Amin Khaki

Pastor Amin Khaki

We received a report from one of our sources that Pastor Amin Khaki, from the non-denominational, church of Karaj, had his court ruling delivered to him on October 4, 2015, but the date on the report shows July 7, 2015. The trial date was May 19, 2015. It states he has 20 days from delivery to appeal his verdict. He has been sentenced to one year in prison for spreading so-called Branhamite, Jesus Only, Christianity. [In fact, they are merely Bible believers following the Spirit of God as he moved in the church ages]. 

We reported previously that, on Thursday March 6, 2014, during a picnic in a park in Shoush, Khuzestan Province, Iran, Pastor Amin Khaki and a group of Christians were attacked by VEVAK (Iranian intelligence service). The VEVAK officers pulled their guns on the believers and beat them, even injuring a believer by the name of Mohammad Bahrami. All of them were detained and put in interrogation rooms with a blindfold on for nine hours. He spent 10 months in prison without a trial and was released in January 2015. He was tortured and beaten during his interrogations.

It states that he is sentenced to serve one year in jail for advertising against the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also had a previous one year sentence that was a suspended sentence, meaning that if any time within five years he is convicted of the same crime again, he will need to serve that time in jail. He has already served 10 months in prison and is sentenced to one year, so he will likely need to serve 14 months in prison.

The written verdict states that he is “charged with advertising against the Islamic Republic of Iran through spreading Branhamite, Jesus Only, Christianity.” [See explanation] It is case number 9410436121900266 dated, May 19, 2015 and it is issued by the revolutionary court of Ahvaz. It states, “the content of the case and also the report of the VEVAK Branch in Ahvaz they held illegal meetings named as house churches in rotation in several cities, like Ahvaz and Susa attempting to spread Christianity and convert Muslims.”

The written verdict also includes several other Christians including Hossein Barounzadeh, Mohammad Bahrami and Rahman Bahmani. The testimony of brother Hossein Barounzadeh is that, “I was born in a Muslim family and believed in Islam as I practiced it and converted to Christianity in 2005.” The verdict states, “when he was questioned  if he knew that he would be considered as an apostate after he converted to Christianity he said he knew it and when he was asked why did he make his faith public he states, “I was neither lying nor hurting anybody” and when the authorities told him about his charge about advertising against the Islamic Republic “I did it for my own salvations,” he responds. “However I don’t believe Christ to be a prophet, but my Savior and during the questioning in VEVAK he said that he was converted through a satellite channel known as “Nejat TV” and after that attended the church services in Karaj (12 times) and confessed holding the services for himself and those related to him in house churches in Susa for Muslim born people and giving out books and CD’s.”

The verdict goes on to talk about Brother Rahman Bahmani who states, “I was converted four years ago and attended the services in Karaj, Susa, Ahvaz and Turkey. I changed a lot. I wasn’t a good man before and when my wife saw the changes in me she converted to Christianity as well, and when I was asked how I was healed I would say, Jesus healed me.”

Copies of written verdict in Farsi below.

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More details to the verdict.

According to the detailed report from VEVAK and the department of Justice in Susa regarding holding church services and spreading the Branhammite Jesus only Christianity among the born Muslims ( new converts and those who were deceived by them to accept Christianity) including their relatives and those who attended the church services and Sunday schools and distributing cds and books and as the result of the hard work of VEVAK , Evangelical Christianity and their movement in iran which is a part of their enmity with Islam and it’s a Zionist Idealogy and noticing the connection between Amin Khaki ( as the pastor and responsible for the church in Karaj and Khouzestan province) with the enemies of the state living overseas, and disregarding the objections of the defandants number 1-3 attorney, and noticing that the court is looking at continuation of Mr. Amin Lhaki’s illegal activities in Khouzestan ( Ahvaz and Susa) and also regarding the other parts of the defense attorney’s objection saying that there was no bad motivation involved to bring a disorder to national security this objection is rejected by the court as the defendants have admitted in the questioning process that they were aware of their services being illegal and held it anyway, and regarding the last part of the objection of the attorney that there is no relation between evangelizing the gospel and having activities against the Islamic Republic regime and their activity MUST be specifically in order to destroy the current regime four the ourt to charge them, we should explain that sharing the Gospel and converting Muslims to Christianity is considered as inviting people to leave Islam and commit apostasy which is against the very foundation of the Islamic Republic regime hence we can’t have a private interpretation on that, therefore the court finds the defendants guilty and sentences each one to serve one year in jail including the number of days they were held in custody, and also following sections 23 and 24 of Islamic justice law passed in 2013, all the material such as CD’s and books will be confiscated and delivered to the VEVAK office in the city, and the defendants are restricted from having any kind of religious meetings, evangelistic meetings or any participating involvement in political parties or groups and in case they repeat this activity for the first time their verdict one third will be added to their verdict, and the next time will be jail time. This sentence can be appealed within 20 days after issued.



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