Help the Church in Iran

Unfortunately the message believers in Iran have been isolated from other message believers because they are a closed country. It is difficult to go in and out plus the church is heavily persecuted, they cannot legally gather in a church nor can they afford to do so financially.

Now, they are under heavy persecution and one of their pastors has been arrested for resisting the government school indoctrinating his children with the Koran. After his arrest they have accused him of apostasy, a crime punishable by death, because his father was a Muslim.

I ask that you consider giving to our ministry now for two reasons; one we are working on a project to translate the messages of William Branham into the Farsi or Persian tongue. Secondly we are working to hire a human rights lawyer to secure the release of brother Youcef Nadarkani, the pastor of the largest church in Iran.

Please pray for this work. They are standing for the message God has sent to this age, please stand with them.

Brother Jason DeMars