Four Iranian Christians To Stand Trial in Ahwaz, Iran

Four Christians will stand trial for their faith on February 1, 2016 in the Ahwaz Khuzestan Provence Revolutionary Court in Iran; Pastor Amin Khaki, brother Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, brother Mohammad Bahrami, and brother Rahman Bahmani.

TL: Rahman Bahmani, TR: Mohammad Bahrami, BL: Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, BR: Amin Khaki

TL: Rahman Bahmani, TR: Mohammad Bahrami, BL: Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, BR: Amin Khaki

They were arrested during a picnic in southern Iran near the city of Danial-e Shoush. While they were holding their picnic, Iran’s secret police arrived in plain clothes with guns drawn. They attacked and injured brother Rahman Bahmani during the incident. They were held without communication and without charges for months, even being transferred from one prison to another. Despite the persecution they are facing, these brethren are standing strong in their faith.

The trial that is being held is actually a re-trial, upon appeal, after having been convicted and sentenced for spreading Christianity in Iran. The previous verdict contained details regarding the interrogations of several believers.

In the court verdict, it reveals the testimony of brother Hossein Barounzadeh. “I was born in a Muslim family and believed in Islam as I practiced it and converted to Christianity in 2005.” The verdict states, “When he was questioned if he knew that he would be considered as an apostate after he converted to Christianity, he said he knew it. When he was asked why he made his faith public, he states, ‘I was neither lying nor hurting anyone.’ When the authorities told him about his charge about advertising against the Islamic Republic, he said, ‘I did it for my own salvation…I don’t believe that Christ is merely a prophet, He is my Savior…’ During the questioning in VEVAK’s secret facility, he said, ‘I was converted through a satellite channel known as “Nejat TV”, and after that, I attended church services in Karaj (12 times).’ The verdict also states that ‘…he confessed to holding services for himself and other Muslim born people in house churches in Shoush and giving out books and CD’s.’”

The verdict goes on to say, regarding brother Rahman Bahmani, “I was converted four years ago and attended church services in Karaj, Shoush, Ahvaz and Turkey. I changed a lot. I wasn’t a good man before, and when my wife saw the changes in me, she also converted to Christianity. When people asked me how my life had changed, I tell them that Jesus healed me.”

Imagine yourself being interrogated for your faith. Imagine how you would answer such questions by an interrogator that could beat you, torture you, harm your family or even kill you. Please, do not neglect to pray for and spread the word about these believers who will stand trial very soon in Iran.




2 thoughts on “Four Iranian Christians To Stand Trial in Ahwaz, Iran

  • I would like to join and I have the PRIVILEGE to listen to 100 's of Muslim people who became Christian and born again. I see the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifesting in the lives of these people when they are arrested and tortured, they are not afraid to die for Yeshua / Jesus / Isa. They are all the same as the old first church of Yeshua, that He established and they were persecuted, and they did not mind to be killed for Jesus, in fact, they wanted to be killed for Jesus, as He said, that the world / Muslim people believe they are doing their god a favour, they are very wrong, their god allah is not the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    Even if they die at the hands of the persecutors, be it Muslims or the current day Roman Catholic Church, who is also not worshipping same God, they are worshipping a Pagan Sun God in a number of names, but the most popular one, is Mithraism. (old babylon)
    Praise our mighty God Yahweh and His Son Yeshua / Jesus, whi has become man and He dwelt amongst us. We have their Spirit, Holy Spirit here is, he is our helper and once he has entered your heart and your spirit, He will guide you in the truth!!!!! Amen

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