False Accusations of FCNN Against PTM and Message Churches in Iran

Recently the Farsi Christian News Network wrote an article about the message churches in Iran, falsely charging them as a cult and calling them Jesus only. It was in regards to the imprisonment of several leaders in this network of house churches.
They are stating it is false to say that Behrouz Sadegh-Khandjani is the leader of the Church of Iran. In the broad sense, yes, he is not the leader of every evangelical church in Iran. But the Church of Iran is the name of this particular group of house churches that fellowship together. It is a non-denominational group that has several networks where each individual network is sovereign to itself, but as pastor Behrouz planted the majority of the churches they look to him as a person in a leadership position.
They charge that it is a cult. It is no different than the other evangelical non-denominational churches. They believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, that he is the Son of God and that salvation comes through belief in the Gospel. The hold to the bible is the final authority in all matters of doctrine and practice, not church creeds or confessions.
The main difference is that they do not hold to the immanent trinitarian doctrine that God exists in eternity as three separate and distinct persons. They hold to an economic view of God, that in time he has revealed himself as Father, in his Son and through the Holy Spirit. Father, Son and Spirit are three different dimensions or aspects of the one true God not three successive modes or persons.
They do not hold to the Jesus only or modalistic monarchian viewpoint. They believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that he was born through a supernatural birth and that as a human being he is the Son of God. He is not a second God or a second person of an immanent trinity, but he is the man in whom and through whom the fullness of God was revealed, he is the visible manifestation of the one true God in human flesh.
They write in the article in regards to their relationship to my ministry, “Those who claim to very close to the leaders of this cult claim that these titles and offices have been given to Mr. Khanjani and others like Behnam Irani and Yusof Naderkhani by a ministry in the Mid-western US city of Minneapolis called the Present Truth Ministries – A predominantly African American group. Others members of this cult, Yusof Naderkhani and Behnam Irani, who were active in the towns of Lakan and Karaj, have been arrested and still remain in detention.”
This is false on many facets;
1. I have never spoke with Behrouz Sadegh-Khandjnai, Benham Irani and Youcef Nadarkani.
2. I have never been to Iran.
3. I have no authority to grant offices and titles to a church anywhere.
4. I am a white American. I have no African-Americans involved with my ministry. Two Liberian brothers have accompanied me to Minneapolis in my mission work, but that is the only involvement of Africans of any kind.
Please tell us who the people are that claim this? Give us some names because it literally has ZERO basis in fact. It is based upon false accusations, conjecture and outright lies.
I ask for a response from FCNN to these false accusation and for them to print an article based upon facts. Please interview brother Behrouz Sadegh-Khandjani, Behnam Irani and Youcef Nadarkani yourselves. Do not base this on reports from someone who is clearly a false witness. Speak with me, the founder of Present Truth Ministries directly before you print these things.
Please read John 8:44. Did you purposely lie in this article or was it a mistake?