Continue To Take Action For Brother Youcef Nadarkhani

There is no doubt that Iran is feeling the international pressure mounting. The Iranian embassy in England issued an official statement renouncing “the published news regarding the death penalty for Mr. Youcof Nadarkhani.” While we are awaiting the verdict regarding the hearings that took place last week, it is a blatant lie that Youcef is not under the death penalty, as we have the official court documents that prove so.

We are at a critical point in this situation, and are working to verify daily that Youcef is still alive. So far we have been able to do this, but getting news out of a closed country like Iran can sometimes prove to be very difficult. Though his lawyer is confident that the Gilan provincial court will drop the charges we cannot know how the Iranian legal system will respond. They are unpredictable and operate outside of the law. It is critical that we maintain international pressure on the Iranian government. The official denials of Iranian embassies makes it even more critical for us to pray and to continue to pressure our elected officials to take immediate action.

We also learned that, “”Physically [Youcef] looks weak but emotionally his belief in Christ is keeping his spirits high,” his lawyer Mohammed Dadkhah said. Brother Youcef’s faith and courage has become an inspiration to Christians around the world.

We appreciate the statements of elected officials, Christian leaders, foreign ministers and organizations that have called this a violation of Youcef’s rights and international law along with demanding his release. However, our faith is not in the works of men, but in the power of God. Now is the time for Christian’s around the world to pray and to make their voices known against evil. Please share this email with your pastors, friends and family. Ask them to take action as well. We cannot let this issue get swept under the rug. Contact your local officials and ask them to take action as well.

If you do not know the full story of Youcef Nadarkhani you can learn more by going here. Sign the ACLJ petition, write a letter to brother Youcef, and share all of these links with your friends on Facebook.

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